Got back from the meetup a quite long time ago, but editing all the photos and sharing them on the forum took it's time. Also my parents are having a barbeque so I've been helping with that.

The meetaup was amazing! Met a lot of fun new people and I think I'm making friends. Food was great, specially that mudcake! Weather was on our side and we got a few very healthy hours in the sun. Bathing with suncream really was wise! Also I got to use my new camera in real manner! I got lots of lovely ladies to photoshoot and it was nice being "Mr. Popular" because I had a camera with me.

Got totally inspired to buy more Ouji clothes and go to these meeting more often. People were really nice to me, tho I'm such a rocky. I think my clothing order is going in tomorrow or on Monday, so then it'll be only few weeks and I'll get my awesome new stuff. Then I'll get lots of pictures.

Not wearing that much makeup for my Ouji looks.


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