So, I already had like the "official" birthday update, but I haven't updated on my birthday party! Me and the usual crew gathered around at Michaela's house again and this time alcohol was an even more solid part of partying since I'm finally allowed! We also had a lot of other things to put into our mouths, like mudcake, chips, and candy! It was a pretty smooth night!

Now that I finally have a proper camera I love to take pictures of Hamlet! He is so precious!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

My friends were visiting Helsinki for LM.C's concert plus other things, and on Monday before leaving I hanged around with them! It was so nice, since I hardly ever see Rousuke or Ane. Ended up eating and taking pictures mostly, I guess.

Makeup for the day. I am rather proud of my hair, it looks good! Thanks to my new styling spray, that stuff is magic in a red bottle!

Me and Rousuke! Picture by Ane.

You cannot go on normally!

Ane-ue was kind enough to take pictures of me, so I'll have something to send to Morticia. You see, I'm applying to be a model for them. All this gothic stuff is kinda sinking on me, and if I can model there, I'll get "free" clothes and hairdye. That would be a lifesavior! Also I enjoy standing infront of the camera!

These are the two pictures I sent 'em. They asked for a full body picture and a face picture. I think those will be good.

Random home derping picture. I was trying to shoot my darker purple makeup I tried, but I just didn't gat anything good. Tho it was a rainy day so I know the lighting had it's spoon in the soup.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I'll be starting my b-day money burning today! I found some MANIC PANIC lipsticks (black and blue) and I'm getting those! Also in the basket there'll be white hair extensions and I'm finally getting my Demonia 804 shoes! I managed to find sizes and the Patent color I wanted aka shiny leather. Prolly won't be long 'till mine and Sallamari's order to Bodyline.

Hilbro will be ordering some clothes from YesStyle if I understood righ and I'll be able to slip my skirt into that order, since it feels stupid to order just _one_ piece at a time.

I'm just rolling around in materia!

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