Yes two posts in less than 2 hours. It seemed like a good idea.

Since I got a job I've been getting a lot of money. So I've been buying stuff aswell. Most of it is still not here and some of the things I need to buy are still on the list. But what I have gotten I could show!

19 year ago I was given life, but only months ago I was given my first collar.

Okay this is for some reason really important to me. I love collars like this. I love the bondagey shit and fashion harnesses and all that. I just never get around getting any of that and I have trouble finding ones I'd like to wear. But I love it. And now I finally have a collar of my own! Must be contributing to the anime shota kitty boy -look I got going on. God only knows, that sounds horrible.

I also am very known for liking crowns. So I got shoes with them. These are planned to go with my Helsinki Lolita Convention fashion show outfit. Not more about that, don't want to spoil the idea and the surprise but now you'll know what shoes I'll be wearing. Tho I would not have gotten these if I really didn't like them for other things aswell. These have the lowest heels of all "pretty" shoes I own. Guess I needed that.

Another pair of shoes, a girlier one. For slightly sweeter or cuter looks.

I don't know what's going on. I just had to own it. I had to get a maid dress for some ungodly reason! I've always wanted one, like I want a school uniform (more like school uniforms) and now that I have money I decided to spend some of it on making one of my dreams come true!

I'm probably happier than I should.

I don't even know where I'll wear this or if I'm even ever going to wear to for anything. It's just gonna sit in my closet from now on. Loving it.


I went out with my friends last week for Japan day 2013 and Art sale event. It was nice going out with all of them, eating well and dressing up nice.

Bubble tea is a mandatory stop on trips like these. I ended up tasting a new flavor, lychee and it was really good. I actually think it was Karu's first time tasting bubble tea! Sallamari's tea even matches her god damn outfit!

Karu likes Rilakkuma more than she likes us and her family all together. I see my future in this.

Daily homo. I'm still not a happy owner of a good white blouse so I had to use something very normal. Done with full black. Maybe that's the next thing on my to-buy list.

This is my cosplay group. Aka my girlfriend Cherry and best friend Rain. They are the two people closes and dearest to me and I spend almost all of my time with them. Okay, I see Rain more rarely because I have work, she's got school and I'm lazy. But we are the kinda friend who don't have to see to be friends. 

I'm with Cherry every weekend. We haven't been apart for a week straight since we started dating. She's tiny.

We thought it would be perfect to take pictures together since we don't really have pictures out of cosplay at all and this could be cool material for our cosplay blog/facebook. And it was cool dressing up for this~



I didn't really want to but I kinda had to. These are my most "normal" shoes since my fakeass convenses broke. I really like them tho, surpisingly easy to walk with and I think they do look very cool! I just don't have any chill outfits to wear them with. I'll get there.

I guess I'm also collecting a "anime boy" closet aka slightly more normal clothes so I'll have something in my style when I can't wear or have no energy to wear ouji etc. How would you feel about me showing those aswell?

I got an extra gift with my platforms. Fucking PSY socks. I love them.

I would like to introduce the world to my best friend, Karu. She's currently partly transferring to lolita aka collecting a loli closet aswell. So you will see lots of that in the future since we are planning matching outfits and shit. She is also in the same cosplay group with me. The third member would be my girlfriend.

Wig: eBay
Blouse: Bodyline
Vest: H&M
Pants: Bodyline
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline

I've come to realize that 90% of my ouji closet os from Bodyline. I am not ashamed since I am pretty pleased with my outfits. The brand is working it's way in there. This is maybe a slightly more gothic outfit. Idk, I don't even box my outfits anymore, I just put on what feels cool.

I don't really post pictures of my real hair anymore since last winter my ex cut my hair and it was horrible and way too short. Plus it was in the middle of a "from blue to silver" bleaching marathon. So since my hair was destroyed anyways I decided to wear wigs for legit 6 months in a row and let my hair grow. I only even wore my real hair to work and when I was at home or at a close friends place.

Now it's starting to get long enought again and also it is now currently light enough to start with the silver dyes. I'm gonna dye it soon and also recut and style it, since I've just let it be for the 6 months. I guess I'm gonna learn to style my own hair again.. Wigs are so easy.

How do you know it's almost Christmas time? Shopping malls are putting up pretty lights. I love Christmas lights and decorations and I really get happy every time I see them. I hate cold and dark and snow, but the lights brighten up my mood a little.

Can't wait to start decorating at home.