So so begin with, I'm attending Miss Personality's lovely giveaway~! That hairvelcro is really tempting!
You can attend and read the rules HERE!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Then maybe some more serious tasks aka my face! I have officilly ran out of hair dye and I'm too lazy to get any hahahah so it's faiding now.. Also I'm troubling with my roots. Bluh, need to bleach it again and then decide on further colors. I feel tempted to stay orange, but also there are so many other pretty colors. Went to droll on 'em to Morticia just few days ago on my day off from work!

And what these pictures really are: I tested my Trinity Blood Dietrich makeup! Huuuuuuge eyelashes and dramatic big eyes. Still need to work on that, more eyeshadows!! And I need better lashes for this shit, it's not working as it is. I would also like a pair of big brown eyecontacts~!

Bluh, stupid mini update! Welp my next update will be christmas stuff. Fuck yeah every materialist out there will love it!


MATERIALISM x 03122011

I have been getting a lot of stuff lately, you know, early cshritmas presents and winter clothes and stuff! And actually some of thesepurchases are a bit older but I haven't had time or camera to take pictures of them!

Winter in Finland is always cold, so army style black winter coat from EMP! I actually got the first jacket already but it was too big so we had to send it back and my smaller jacket shoul be here any day now! Waiting for it eagerly! I'm hoping to do some modifications to the jacket when it arrives to make it more Ouji, I guess. Some silvery lace or something! The buttons were really cool!!

My dreeeeeeeaamy bag came home! This is my first Christmas present and mom let me use it right from the start. I haven't actually had kind of an purse before, so this is very cool and I know I'm gonna be using this baby a lot! Hoping to accessorize is with a black fo tail and maybe some charms. Don't know yet, but looks totally awesome on it's own!

Makeup delivery! My Beauty Factory makeups finally came home! And I even got some extras on the sire, 2 pairs of fake eyelashes and a small brush set!The brushes were actually very shitty, no wonder the were free... Not gonna be using much! But the eyeshadows and lashes re awesome!

Sadly some of the colors were broken when I got it but no worries, still working! XD Aren't they gorgeous?

I got back home from school and look what was waiting for me. My Varusteleka parcel! And I even now what's in there, but I'm not damn allowed to open it before christmas ;_; Sobbu sobbu, I want my awesome new hat!! 

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Off to something else, I finally managed to fix my nails after so much whimpering and I even decorated 'em! I did a deep red base and black'n'silver water marble! This was my first time doing water marble and I love it! I love making it and I love how it looks!

I couldn't keep my hands from adding a little bit of bling. Gotta have more shine!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I've now started my on-the-job training  in Käpylän Klubi, and so ffar I'm liking it pretty much. It's just sad that it's this small closet where I'm working with bad air.. And so far I've been pretty much bored.. But otherwise it's nice! And no stict dressing code, fuck yeah! Only if I could start getting some real jobs to do.

Suddenly my outfit from few weeks away, I emptied my phone to my laptop and I found a lot of interesting pictures! Normal day at school. And I really should finish decorating that phone :I

To finish off, have Trauma and Hamlet from the Hartsilapset forum Lolita meet-up! Trauma was sooo cool, like guys in dresses is a bit used idea but this worked! You look awesome big guy! And so do you Hamlet. I think his faceup needs some firstaid, it's starting to look worn off.. And a new wig. And new everything..