Had an awesome coffee break with Sallamari, since I was so damn tired. I usually don't like coffee, but I do like cafés! I tried the ice latte at Robert's Coffee and I fucking loved it! Why am I telling you this? I have a blog, I need to take pictures of what I eat. That isn't even my coffee. That's Sallamari's hot chocolate~!

The café sure is cute, but they were showing damn icehockey for several hours! For someone who doesn'r care about ice hockey that was really boring, since everybody was yealling and partying when ever Finland scored or basicly did anything.
They had a huge collection of old phones. From where I sat I could count 7.

I bought some Manic Panic lipsticks last weekend and they came home already! I was supposed to buy just two, but we accidently added one extra to the cart and I'm not regretting yet. I rather like it and I might find some awesome use for it at some point!

I'm not a good lipstick user. Not yet. I'm kinda practicing, since I just never got around using lipstick with my makeups. Now I thought I could start and decided to order some more special colors, since normal reds and pinks aren't my thing.

There are my new wonderful colors!

Me wearing Raven for the first time.

I'm going to a Enfant Terrible lolita meet-up today, so wish me luck! I will possibly update again later today with meeting pictures~!


  1. Robert's Coffee näyttää tosi kivalta ja noi puhelimet on ihan sika hienon näköisiä~

    Myös saamasi Manic Panicin huulipunat näyttää tosi ihanilta ♥ Pysyykö ne kuinka hyvin huulissa?

    1. Kyl ne mulla on ihan mukavasti pysyny. En oo päässy kunnolla radalle testailee, mut ruokailun jälkeen kyllä lisäsin.

      Mul on Makeup Storen semmonen neste/kiilto jota laitetaan huulipunan päälle että pysyy paremmin. Musta se on ollu aika hyvä!

  2. Ihanan näkösii noi huulipunat! Haluun nähä lisää niinku sun naamassa meinaa sopii varmaa awesumisti! (:: Niin kovin nätti olet ♥


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