So so begin with, I'm attending Miss Personality's lovely giveaway~! That hairvelcro is really tempting!
You can attend and read the rules HERE!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Then maybe some more serious tasks aka my face! I have officilly ran out of hair dye and I'm too lazy to get any hahahah so it's faiding now.. Also I'm troubling with my roots. Bluh, need to bleach it again and then decide on further colors. I feel tempted to stay orange, but also there are so many other pretty colors. Went to droll on 'em to Morticia just few days ago on my day off from work!

And what these pictures really are: I tested my Trinity Blood Dietrich makeup! Huuuuuuge eyelashes and dramatic big eyes. Still need to work on that, more eyeshadows!! And I need better lashes for this shit, it's not working as it is. I would also like a pair of big brown eyecontacts~!

Bluh, stupid mini update! Welp my next update will be christmas stuff. Fuck yeah every materialist out there will love it!


MATERIALISM x 03122011

I have been getting a lot of stuff lately, you know, early cshritmas presents and winter clothes and stuff! And actually some of thesepurchases are a bit older but I haven't had time or camera to take pictures of them!

Winter in Finland is always cold, so army style black winter coat from EMP! I actually got the first jacket already but it was too big so we had to send it back and my smaller jacket shoul be here any day now! Waiting for it eagerly! I'm hoping to do some modifications to the jacket when it arrives to make it more Ouji, I guess. Some silvery lace or something! The buttons were really cool!!

My dreeeeeeeaamy bag came home! This is my first Christmas present and mom let me use it right from the start. I haven't actually had kind of an purse before, so this is very cool and I know I'm gonna be using this baby a lot! Hoping to accessorize is with a black fo tail and maybe some charms. Don't know yet, but looks totally awesome on it's own!

Makeup delivery! My Beauty Factory makeups finally came home! And I even got some extras on the sire, 2 pairs of fake eyelashes and a small brush set!The brushes were actually very shitty, no wonder the were free... Not gonna be using much! But the eyeshadows and lashes re awesome!

Sadly some of the colors were broken when I got it but no worries, still working! XD Aren't they gorgeous?

I got back home from school and look what was waiting for me. My Varusteleka parcel! And I even now what's in there, but I'm not damn allowed to open it before christmas ;_; Sobbu sobbu, I want my awesome new hat!! 

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Off to something else, I finally managed to fix my nails after so much whimpering and I even decorated 'em! I did a deep red base and black'n'silver water marble! This was my first time doing water marble and I love it! I love making it and I love how it looks!

I couldn't keep my hands from adding a little bit of bling. Gotta have more shine!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I've now started my on-the-job training  in Käpylän Klubi, and so ffar I'm liking it pretty much. It's just sad that it's this small closet where I'm working with bad air.. And so far I've been pretty much bored.. But otherwise it's nice! And no stict dressing code, fuck yeah! Only if I could start getting some real jobs to do.

Suddenly my outfit from few weeks away, I emptied my phone to my laptop and I found a lot of interesting pictures! Normal day at school. And I really should finish decorating that phone :I

To finish off, have Trauma and Hamlet from the Hartsilapset forum Lolita meet-up! Trauma was sooo cool, like guys in dresses is a bit used idea but this worked! You look awesome big guy! And so do you Hamlet. I think his faceup needs some firstaid, it's starting to look worn off.. And a new wig. And new everything..



So I've been mostly working on my school stuff, and a part from that was taking photos in a studio of on object you are gonna use on your Advertising project. Mine was my ultimate accessory baby, my pocket watch! Have some bad studio photos of my clock!

I love the pinion in the back!

Gotta have the Gray card on the photo, so I can edit the color balance later in Camera RAW

I took a lovely picture with Emmi. Oh God, we are pretty. And I feel so naked without my vest and scarf and shit. I've gotten used to being all clad in clothes, hiding myself now this feel weird and way too exposed! Help me!! The last picture of my red glitter nails I never even showed to you! Oh well, the are almost off now so I can start on my new ones. Don't worry, you missed nothing! They were pretty horrible @___@

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Buhahahah have my school face from yesterday! The only morning when I had time to put on some makeup and even do my hair! It's not like you can really see but I have turquoise and silver eyeshadow! Love my new eyeshadow set!! I should take some pictures of my materialism happiness soon. Only if I had a camera... 

Emmi bought me that battery, again! Love her forever for that!
Guess what I have been doing a lot lately: I've been watching anime again. Specially Death Note. I started re-watching it in school since it seems my entire class got drawn to it and Emmi re-watched it sooo... It was good to refresh my memory! Ofc I didn't waste my time on the boring beginning, I have that part as manga, so I started from the episode where Mello comes in as in the ep 27! Everything is Death Note and nothing hurts! I should work on that cosplay anyways...


EMPTY CASKET x 09112011

I found this beautiful jewelry trough Tumblrs giveaway. Empty Casket is giwing away for free one of their eye-rings and I just had to take part, it it sooo cute! Their other jewelry is so cool too! The eyes are creepy enough and very different. They also do cool earrings and necklaces! Really something I will be getting for myself when ever I have enough money! And these little devils are not even expensive!

I must have you!!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Also, Emilie Autumn is coming to Finland!! This would be my first time seeing her live and I so wanna go there! The tickets are like 22€ which isn't even bad! All of her shows are so cool and I love her music and specially her style! So if I go I might see Kuhmu and my other friends~

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Now that I have time and I am in school near a webcam /because I don't have a camera anymore/ I'm gonna take some pictures of my face and my new crown purse that came in the mail just few days ago!

It is my first christmas present, ordered from eBay and it came from Gothic Lolita & Punk. I've been drooling over it for like a year and now I finally got it! I didn't even have a purse before this! It's gonna be my favorite bag from now on :>

I hope to get a camera from somewhere so I can take some cool pictures of my latest shoppings ;-; You see, my new Beauty Factory -Manly eyeshadows just came in yesterday and also I wanna get better pictures of this bad. Also I have a new vest in my closet and I'm gonna go shoe shopping any day now! I really need some warm winter boots and also I missing that warm winter jacket~!



So Halloween was last weekend and Our Comical Dreams -group held a photoshoot in Helsinki! I got invited to this photoshoot and ofc I wanted to go!! I love Halloween and dressing up. And specially doing the cool makeups and playing with fake blood!
I went there with a photoshootbrother Hilppa, we had a small story for us, I was going to be an older brother who was very violent and Hilppa was my unfortunate brother who got killed by me. So we got some really nice photos beating each other up! Sadly it was really cold outside and ofc we were photoshooting there for guite few hours, so at the end of the day I was freezing. Haven't been that cold in a long time.. Lucky we got a car ride back home from Hilbo's dad~!

I love that gasmask I got from my dad. It's the real Finnish Army gasmask and the gas is still in the tin! So in case of an emergency I have a working gasmask!

My full outfit. Even wearing that much I was super cold! Fingers were the worse!

And a single shot of me!

Notice the fact that I dyed my hair! :> It was the day before the photoshoot when I borrowed/got some red Crazy Color from Hilppa! The color is called "Vermillion Red" and I let it set for 2,5 hours. It is supposed to come out veeery red, but my hair wasn't blonde, it was light brown when I put on the dye. I did tha on purpose, yees. Becuase I was not aiming for perfect red hair, more for the orange. And I got it!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Then a whole different business. Everybody knows how much I love my class! I mean really, I have the best class ever. And even more and more we are going stuff together, like going to cons, seeing after school, chatting on weekends, everything. Actually I'm going to DigiExpo with Linda! So being with these little furbals has become something really important. Does wonders to how well do I get up the bed and go to school in the morning!
One thing I think we all love doing is taking photos / modeling! So we have taken advantage of our studio classes and our school has it's own studio +all the cool studio gear! We've taken some really good photos but also when the teacher goeas for a coffee or we are out of real jobs, we take something whole alot else! XD also we have taken in some time from our lunch breaks or boring classes to go out and snap a few photos!

My school outfit just a few day ago. Short shorts even if it was fucking cold! Gotta sacrifice for looking good!

This is the lovely new vest I got from UFF! Cost me 4€ because of sales! I really love it, probably one of my new favorite pieces! I just need to slightly take it in from the back and maybe add some decoration and it's perfect!!

Me, Linda & Emmi
I am suck a wife beater!!

Baby Dave hanging from my vest! Linda made this one or me as as surprise to be found from my memory card!

And a single studio picture! This class we studied drawing out objects or models from a black background with a spotlight! It was so fun and holy jegus the size of that camera!!
Lovely Mara in the background trying to be greepy!


STUDIO + FAKER x 18102011

So we just found out that we have a studio class in school! So we set it up, built a wall of MACs and took a few photos of everybody! In the end we also took a little group photo! <3

Me, Toni, Hanna, Emmi & Linda

I look stupid but hey, have my current hair color! It sucks!! But there you can see my new lovely vest <3 I'm gonna have a little Newbie post soon for all the stuff I have bought lately +I'm dying my hair any minute now~! Alllso I have a Halloween photoshoot on saturday so have my creeeeepy pictures! I have no idea what will I wear in there but I have to plan this out with Hilppa~

& I have few video updates coming!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

This morning I got online on Facebook and I had 2 new messages in my inbox. The first one was from my friend Kitty and the second one was from someone random. It was a nice message. The message informed me that there is a fake-Karakuri on Facebook! There was a link to it and I went there and yes very well someone has made a fake account of me!! Who ever is keeping this account has stalked me well but there are sooo many little mistakes.... So I sent her some nasty messages and so did my class, and some of my dA friends.! I hope this little fucker understands that this is a crime and if she won't delete this account soon or tell everybody that she is an imposter I will report her~!

If you wish to send her nasty messages go HERE !



I've had some fights with my haircolor.. I dyed it orange some way too short time ago and now it's light brown / party blonde already! I do not appreciate this!! Well I got some better shampoo now but I gotta dye my hair back soon... I've been looking for hair ideas and inspiration from the internet, first I started with jRock styled hair and shit but then I somehow ended up finding Emilie Autumn from somewhere! How did I ever forget about you, love?
So now I'm so gonna take hair inspiration from this lady! I love her messy hair-do, I love the colors. Just everything about it!



Ugh I just experienced my first ever Enfant Terrible lolita forum meet-up! At first I was really scarer because some people say these meet-up are full of elitist and that afpiehfpeowh scary place! But really the mood all around was really relaxed, we had a really good photoshoot, AG was an amazing photographer and I ended up being her Butler, she needed someone to hold and umbrella on her camera because it was raining and it's always good to have some assistance! We photoshooted all the pretty ladies and then finished off with me and Toni, our manly side!
So now I finally got A) my first ever official lolita meet-up and B) good pictures of myself! Even if the day was rainy I think it gave the pictures a nice shade to them! Kinda cold~ I like it! And now I'm super jealous of AG's cool stuff, she had like a remote for her camera!

Let's have some photos!

Group photo that shows us all! I think the limit of meet-uppers was 20 people because we had that café thingy! Can't showe too many lolitas with their big skirts in one café! XD
I really lover everybodys outfits, got to see some selfmade stuff and also some brand beauty! One thing I remember was that beautiful Angelic Pretty piano purse ;;3;;

My outfit!

Something more closer

I think our photographer liked my nails! AG was photoshooting details in our outfits and my nails found their way into these pictures! Well, they need more attention anyways!

Some more detail picturingm everything from my chest area!
I love that crown neclace I have! Got it for christmas from my mom few years ago, I think it was from Glitter around 20€ or something. Also selfmade bowtie, and another bow I got from Tala as a birthday present!

After photoshooting everybody was freezing and we headed to Café Ekberg! I had a really nice hot chocolate with whipped cream, it just didn't have any sugar in it :< So I had to put that in myself.. But the café was beautyful and surprisingly big, they also have their own bakery! All the cakes looked good and people said they tasted amazing, I got to taste AG's cheese cake and dammn! Some said the tea was not that good and really that hot chocolated needed sugar.. Then we waited for the rain to stop (it was raining like hell) and headed home. On this trip I managed to also see an old friend, Alice from Hartsilapset BJD forum! I'll be keeping in touch with her!

Now confident from this meet-up I remembered Hartsilapset forum and attended one of their meet-ups! They are having a Lolita meet-up so I'll be there~!


SLEEPOVERZ x 01092011

Did some sleepovering with mah awsum cosplay group last weekend. Ohhh boy that must have been the best weekend since that horrible breakup. Really cheered me up, thanks guys!
So stupidity hangaround at SCRMR's house with SCRMR herself, Hilppa and Nuutti. Bought so much food oh my god and we played Heavy Rain all night! Somewhere arounf 7am we realized we are still up! Slept a few hours and then Nuutti and SCRMR went to Sello's Gamestop to get us new games! Played LA NOIRE all day and then went home!

First we ate some noodels with chicken nuggets and shrimps. It was soooo tasty!

Then some Heavy Rain. Damn that game was so good, I have got to get that game home!! We managed to play it trough from the start and ended up with an ending where that ARI-glass guy is dead (but living in the ARI virtual world), Eithan got in jail but was freed, we saved the boy, killed the bad guy and all this was made BY A WOMAN!

Messy table in to morning... We did clean up everything before we left!

Shaky picture of our nest where we slept! I slept on the sofa and Hilbo and SCRMR slept on the floor. See my laptop is here with me again XDD and Mountain Dew!

Me makeupless in the morning...

Hilbo making cupcakes again! We do this every time!

There they are... Looking tasty and oh god they were!

Some LA NOIRE in there. That seemed like a good game too! Just didn't play it that much~

My breakfast! Yes it was a tasty bastard!

Also recently I got a nice hint for clother: TaoBao shops! So I have a shopping cart on TaoBaoNOW waiting for me. Cart includes 3 pairs of kneehigh socks and a black shirt with a bowtie! And I did something new: I signed up for an ENFANT TERRIBLE forum meet-up! The meet-up is on 8.10 and I just got accepted there. Boy I'm so nervous about this but I think it's gonna be alright~!

Gonna have a nother sleepover with Laura today, she is gonna make me some clothes in future. Hopefully! She's been down for a while so I hope to cheer her up!