My hair extensions finally arrived in the mail last Monday! Picked 'em up Tuesday and dyed, cut and sew them right there that day! It was a guite few hour project, because I had to re-dye some bits. Sorry the picture uphere is somehow grotesk, but you'll get an idea of how I did it. Now I just need to re-dye my own hair so they'll match better, since my own has faded to a more orange shade already.

& Here's the end result. The tips were supposed to stay white on my original idea, but the color slided when rinsing, so now they are pastel pink. I'm not sorry, they look cool! I very much do love 'em, I just gotta need to learn to use them!

 Now that it's summer, we all need to cover ourselves from the sun. I'm not sure if I already had a row about this, but it's very important to me. I like to stay as white as I can because I just don't think tanning is pretty. And it wouldn't suit me at all! Plus that we have had amazing sunny days in here, I need to protect myself because I burn easily.

So this is what I use. OLAY's moisturiser, which also has some sunblock in it. It's a miracle ;u;

This is me wearing my MANIC PANIC After Midnight!

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