Hello again friends and followers! Sorry I haven't really updated in a long long time. I've been hella busy with my new job that SUCKS.

December is always a busy time for all of us, going to parties, working on the last things of the year, I've been dealing with finances, I've been readying myself for the upcoming conventions and events of 2015... It's been a wild ride!

My job is straining me real bad and it's paying me close to nothing, but I'm working on it, I keep working on it! I still go to work every day looking sharp and try my best. When that's not good enough for them anymore then that's okay, I'll take my hard work and motivation somewhere else. I know this sounds sarcastic, but I'm feeling calm and neutral.

Now I'm gonna go enjoy Christmas with my family. I'll update this blog properly very very soon, I'll come up with something nice to post. Feel free to request something!

Also if you are feeling festive and want to give me a little something for Christmas and help me with my financial situation, there's a paypal donation button on the right hand sidebar! Anything helps!



Sorry I've been so inactive lately. I've been a bit busy and a bit lazy updating this blog. With instagram and other social medias so close to my on my phone it actually seems hard to actually take the effort of editing my photos for this blog or even taking out a proper camera to take the photos with!

Also just a few weeks ago I resigned from my job. Things weren't nice there so I decided it's my time to move on to somewhere where I feel safe. Let's not go into that, not very interesting.

I've finally gotten around to doing some shopping and I am so proud of myself. I'll post what I've already received in the mail and make another post of the other stuff arriving later, plus a separate post of the contacts I bought!

I've had a literal legit gender crisis with my old shoe collection. For some reason all of my "nice" shoes I can wear with ouji are hella girly and lately that has started bothering me a bunch. Also I think the thin heel -style doesn't suit me because I like to have more weight on the bottom to even everything out!

So I fell in love with these! I think they are a perfect combination of everything I ever look for in a shoe, they were cheap as shit because they are China made and they are surprisingly ridiculously easy to walk with!

Because of a moment of madness I bough them in both colors for no good reason what so ever. At least it's interesting to have some variation in my shoe collection because so far everything else is just black. Maybe I can do some lighter sweeter coords with the white ones!

I've always kinda wanted an Angelic Pretty cutsew to go a bit casual every once in a while. Happened to find this jewel on Enfant Terrible and got it this week. I'm already feeling a bit festive and am looking forward to Christmas so maybe that made me buy it. The fur bits are adorable!

Also whenever I don't feel like looking like a gothic prince elf, the fur comes off, it's attached by small buttons. When you take the fur off it's a very nice basic AP cutsew, tho the neckline is a tad bit too open for my taste.

All of my purse issues have been dealt with by buying this bag. It's Angelic Pretty and I got it from Lacemarket. Came from Estonia. This was my first ever AP piece I've bought for myself (bought plenty of AP for my girlfriend) and I must say I love it. It's cute, good colors, great condition and it lightens up my coords just a bit.

The only downside is that because of it's shape it's actually smaller on the inside than it may look. So really just wallet, keys and bus card fit in nicely, otherwise it won't close. I'll work with that!

Sadly I haven't really taken any proper outfit photos apart from the ones I have on instagram. I just got a fullbody mirror (finally) so outfit pictures and snaps are possible now. I should just find the time to take pictures for both this blog and instagram with different cameras. Hate to present you with this kind of quality.

I've felt very Halloween inspired and vampyric lately, so all my coords have been really black and goth. Tho now I'm trying to buy new pieces to go with my closet to bring variation. I feel like I only ever wear 3 different oufits.



I promised you a second post soon to showcase the rest of the stuff I've recently bought and since everything's not out from the mail I think it's time! Let's start of with some of my daily cosmetics.

1. DIESEL Loverdoze l'eau de toilette - I've never had my own "scent" and I've never actually shopped for perfumes of any sort. I somehow landed on this even tho I was looking for something sweeter. It smells a bit like licorice but has a sweet undertone. The perfume version is much stronger and more night time than I'd like. Now I definitely want more.

2. Lumene Natural Code powder - This is the powder I'm currently using. One of those rare cosmetic products that are light enough for me.

3. Lumene Natural Code foundation - Once again I only use this because it's the only available thing light enough for me. Next time I run out I'm going to order something online because I don't like the cover of this one. Too shear for my liking.

4. Loreal Studio Secrets foundation primer - Haven't bought facial primers in such a long time. I'm lazy at using them but this is my desperate attempt to fool anyone I have good skin. It glides on like a miracle and does smooth out my skin. Guess it helps the foundation too. My only problem is that it makes blending the foundation a bit harder.

5. Isadora concealer pen - first concealer I've even bought, found it at Kicks. I never use concealer because I have trouble finding light enough tones. Everything's always a bit orange and I end up spending the most of my time covering up my concealer. This time I found something really milky. Sad part is that it blends badly.

Would you ever be interested in seeing any makeup videos or posts from me?

Alice and the Pirates "Jerenile" vest - Found a gem like this from Lacemarket. Always dreamed of owning a big piece from AATP and vests are something I did not have too many of. Sadly this was men's size and even the girly size would be huge on me so I sent it to a seamstress and it was made to my measurements.

Innocent World 3Way cape - Also bought on Lacemarket. I love capes and now I have this cutie. The top part and hood actually come off and I can wear it as a smaller accessory-like cape or with the whole thing as outerwear. It's really light and actually bigger than on the picture. Had to fold it in a bit to fit the frame.

Outfit pictures of both later.

Metamorphose temps de fille socks - Found simple black-white socks and I had to get them. These are my first Meta items. Sadly these are REALLY tight and small for some reason. I don't think there's a chance it's because my legs are too big, they clearly are not. I'm just gonna have to - sadly - stretch them out a bit.

With great power comes great responsibility. With a new phone comes instagram.

I finally got myself a new, working phone and got internet on it. Up until this moment yes I have lived with a phone with no internet connection or any special treats what so ever. It's been hard. Not that's changed and I'm embracing all these apps and social medias and IG is one of them. I try to post as often as I can and I post a lot more of my outfit pictures on others there, more than here. So if you are interested in weekly outfits and makeups and what not, definitely follow me!



I have not updated in a long long time once again since I've been lazy and busy with a new relationship. Maybe one day my princess will let me take a picture of her and show you guys what I've caught.

Anyways I haven't completely been sitting on my ass and making out, I went out a few times! And I've been actively online shopping now that I have money.

Displaying some of the things I got, I went out with Sallamari and she took a picture of me.

Gay Pride 2K14. I went, I experienced, I drank. The part event was overly crowded so we didn't stay but this is what I looked like. And this selfie looks exactly like the one I took in last years pride. Tho glad to see I've become manlier in a year!

Dear Celine "Wing of Illusion" vest, shirt and accessories
Bought these from QutieLand. It took a long time since apparently Dear Celine takes around 45 days to make their items. I almost forgot about my order! 

I didn't want to buy the pants since I already kinda have something similar and I wanted to save money. Now later on I do want the pants so I'll get that later. This is definitely now one of my favorite vests, since I haven't even had a proper vest before. The sleeves on the shirt are shear so it's nice for summer. I usually don't wear shear materials but this is kinda nice.

Alice and the Pirates socks - these are knee high which I usually don't like but these are kinda cool. Bought second hand on Lacemarket. Maybe I'll learn to wear these.

Chantilly black-blue socks - I've waned socks with this patterns forever and I will get more in the future. I don't have anything else in blue yet but I'll just have to change that!

Mad as a Hatter black top hat - bought from Cybershop. I've wanted one for a while. Now I'll just have to decorate it, I just don't have any idea what to put on it.. If you do, please do tell! I need inspiration!

I'll make another post later, showcasing my new cosmetic products, hair, phone, two new pairs of eyeglasses and oh, I still have one big surprise item at the seamstress getting fitted for my size!




Sorry guys for not updating in a long time, not properly at least. I'll try and be more active. It's just that I haven't done anything worth blogging about in a long long time. And I still don't have photoshop.

Jost for now, here's all the cute shit I got from Desucon. I finally have a school bag!



On my last post I promised I'd do a separate post about the things I've bought lately. This is going to be a quite short post but that's what they've all been lately.

I had a really bad day at work, ended up going to a hospital for a check out and got a week off. Apparently I experienced some sort of a burn out, plus my heart problem got a bit worse. I've been working like a crazy person, plus all the stress at work kept on piling on me because I'm a rare Finn there. That's why I kinda snapped. So also another reason for not updating in a while!

On top of all this Cherry broke up with me.

2 x necklace: Happened to see these in Morticia some time ago and I couldn't decide on the color so I got both. I'm lacking accessories, badly! So I really needed these.

School uniform-ish cardigan: my sister gave this one to me. She used the have a more boyish phase but that's long gone and she was about to thrown alot of things out or just sell them but she offered the cardigan to me and heck yes I want it!
Blue shorts: bought from Vero Moda, while shopping with Cherry. I kinda though they might be the same color as my school uniform jacket and figures out, they are! Tho they are very short and I'm not quite comfortable with them yet, also I don't think I've ever owned anything in size S.

Innocent World "Greta" -set: when I first saw this I knew I had to have it! Even tho it's not in my specific color aka the light parts are not white, they are beige. I'm going to learn to love it. I already love it! And with this I'll have something to wear for summer!

Dollmore Zaoll Luv: Say hello to new Hamlet! The old Hamlet I have (DZ Aaron) is not what Hamlet's character is anymore so I decided to do a mold change! My old classmate happened to be selling her Zaoll Luv (modded into a boy) and I though it would be perfect! I always was jealous of the doll and I love that little face! Also him being just 52cm tall it wasn't a big leap from a MSD.

The old Hamlet will be put to use and I've planned a makeover for him. He's not necessarily going be a character, more of an art piece / collectible. 

The new Hamlet is going to go through a makeover aswell and I'm currently waiting for one of my fave faceup artist to have free sports so I can send him in. Slowly but surely building him up.



After a long time of no meet-ups - at least for me - wonderful Evanee arrenged a meet-up to a really great sushi restaurant, Umeshu. Food was good and I think there was a small promise of a part two!

It's been such a long time since I last had the chance to really dress up nice and oh god did it feel good! It was also really nice to meet old friends and people I know, whom I last met at Helsinki Lolita Convention maybe. I need to do this more often and now that it's getting warm outside there are going to be more meet-ups. I'm hoping for themed ones!

I promise to make a post about my new clothes soon, there are a few!



I am sorry I haven't been updating in a long long time and my updates have been very short. I got a new laptop at the end of the year and I still don't have photoshop on it. So that's why no updates.

I am working my hardest to get back to blogging and I have so many nice things I want to show you! Once again, I am sorry.



I'm sorry I haven't had much time for updating, you all should know that I've wanted to and I've tried. My new laptop still doesn't have a working photo editing program and I've been busy with work, relationships and conventions. Now I hope I can come back to updating more often.

Once again a trip to The Ounce. I'm p much a regular already and they remember what I like.

For some reason I felt the need to buy cat ears on eBay so I did and I like them embarrassingly much. I wear them more than I should and I'd like to make it clear I do not think I look cool. I know I look like a weeaboo shitbaby but I guess I've accepted that.

My companion arranged a New Year's party and I kinda helped so yes part credits to me. I though that was a great chance to take my new things for a walk, like the new piercings I got from Cybershop. I don't think I'll be buying piercings from there anymore because the screws on these thing suck and won't stay on. Also I like the bigger backplates for studs and I only saw small ones there. Anyways, tried it and I think it looks nice so maybe I'll wear them for special things.

This is my new ouji-brother. I met her in Helsinki Lolita Convention (of which I will be doing a separate blog post when the pictures and videos roll in). Somehow in the 20 minutes of random conversation it came up that we both have the same IW salopette every good boy has and we both even had it in grey. Two days later we decided to meet up for tea and gossips and wore matchey clothes.

We're gonna do this a lot more often now so beware.

It's been quite a long time since I updated so I'm gonna go through the things I've gotten while the silence. I didn't even have time or effort to take pictures of everything I've bought, like all my new winter clothes but screw it, we're gonna have to go with this.

School uniform jacket - Bought this second hand from a Facebook lolita & gyaru sales group. I'm gonna have to learn how to wear it, I love it so much. It's actually dark navy blue but I took a bad picture.

Innocent World Playing Card Chocolate blouse - My first ever white blouse, I've needed one for a very very long time. This one caught my eye because of the ribbon and game card buttons. This is my new favorite thing.

Alice and the Pirates pants - Bought second hand from Hellocon fleamarket tables. Made a ridiculous deal on these and they might be too big for me but I'm willing to take them in a bit for a price like that. Under 40€ and they are in great condition.

eBay replica socks - Give me a break they were 4 dollars.

Innocent World Wendy socks - I have a weakness for socks but I never find ones I like. These definitely are nice and I think IW socks are a good quality. I'll be needing more of these.