N E W H E A D L I N E P I C x 23072011

I thought that it's a time I do something to the almost-finished headline picture. That's my ball-jointed boy on the picture and I think he fits there well. I was just having problems with getting it the right size and I'm working on creating a watermark for my blog to put on pictures and stuff. Gotta say I'm pretty happy with the one right there! I just feel so damn limiter with this retarded Adobe Photoshop Elements!!!! Really this shit is worth nothing, can I plz get CS5?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I just added the Twitter widged to this blog and can be found from the right-hand side, where are all my readers and "search" and everything!

Miniatyre post is miniatyre!


B R O K E N C A M E R A x 11072011

So... Right now I can't put on any pictures, since my beloved (NOT) camera broke last week! Burn in hell you awuful awful bitch, I hope your death was painful! Rly!! It didn't ever take pictures well enough and it was 2 and half years of fighting with settings and light and everything, uuugh!!!! Happy to get a new one! Now dad kinda promiced that I would soon get a new one, Olympus digitalcamera! I'm kinda happy about this, I've been hoping for a new one so long! And few of my friends have that camera, so hopefully this is a better one! Let's hope I get it soon!

But I have me acrylic nails now! They are pretty long and I went for a stiletto style, so sharp! The story behind this? Okay!
My mom got excited by these acrylic nails, since she has ones - and decided to start making 'em on her own, with some tutorials from Youtube! In salons they are soooo expensive, like 90€ +60€ every month for caring them! And it can't really be that hard, can't it! So she bought all the needed stuff from some online shop on internet (I will give you the link later!!) and I was her testpiece! And it was not as easy as we thought >_< that stuff dried faster than we thought and it came out looking really grumpy and full of weird lumps. Not pretty! But after viling 'them, I'm actually really happy! And right now I'm kinda tempted with some more lengts~!

picture from my old camera!

Also, now that I'm on our summer cottage in Sysmä, I had time to go shopping in the fleamarkets.There are no shopping malls, or actualy places to buy clothes frombut I did get something! First of all I got a jumpsuit for my Brief cosplay for only 5€ and a pair of lovely pants that match one of my vests, only 9€ !! I have some sudden urge to buy thights! to go with my shorts~! I think I will find something from Helsinki, I'll be back on Friday!

Picures shall show up later, when I get some device that takes decent pictures (OLYMPUUUS!)

Ps. My tumblr has some followers ♥♥