Two posts in a day? Yeah well I guess I have alot to say today!

Some time ago a beautiful Russian lolita named Natalia visited Finland and I was one of the lucky people who got to meet her over on a picnic. Over on the picnic Hanna mentioned Hypecon and that she'd like it if I could attend her fashion show there, since they didn't have any 'boys' there. Ofcourse I wanted to attend! The show was mostly about showing modern day lolita trends.

We actually had some pretty decent dressing rooms there. I mean the space was nice and clean, tho getting there was quite the trick since for some reason they had built the War Hammer tables right to the door we needed to use to get to our space. The con place itself was really small and the full carpeting reminded me of a hotel but the stage was actually neat and spacious.

Blouse: Bodyline
Salopette: Innocent World
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline

My outfit for the show. It's sad how small my ouji/boystyle closet still is but I'm working on it! Hanna wanted to take full-outfit pictures of everyone and it just so happened that this beautiful corner was located at the end of the hall for our dressing rooms. I look like a damn shoujo anime boy.

Everyone wanted to video the whole show and lucky Momo had a proper video camera with them.



I got a birthday presenttttt! A friend of mine (well, actually the roommate of my ex-crush) sent this to me as a birthday present after we had a long conversation about Tamagotchis. She sent it all the way from America and even bought new batteries +backup ones! Gosh she's perfect.

Hello there cutie.

I visited Gay Pride this year. A person actually recognized me and told me they read my blog (Hi person!) and it was cool to hang out with my friends. For some reason I don't really love Gay Pride, tho. I mean it's for a good cause and all but sometimes the atmosphere is sometimes a bit too much for me and I absolutely hate the rainbow flags and stuff. It's too much for me.

Tho someone gave me the flowers on the picture! That was lovely.

Quite out of nowhere I decided to go visit Finncon this year. I've never been there before because it's more of an sci-fi and fantasy convention and I don't have anything to wear that would fit the theme. But this year it was in Helsinki and the time happened to be suitable with me. So why the fuck not, and a bunch of my friends were going to be there. And it was pretty cool to check it out at least once.

Most of the Saturday we were Dressingroomstuck because we helped Karu get her Vriska Serket cosplay on. Needless to say I pretty much went as an anime prince.. Actually while talking about our styles my friend mistook me and called me a "he" which kinda makes me feel like I'm doing it right..


As everyone by now should know my bestie is a lolita. And as we waited for Karu I started putting on Sallamari's sweeter lolita items. This be my new style!