Accidentally new hair!!

Okay so I know that basically no-one besides my family and my girlfriend has gotten even the smallest of glimpses of my real hair in almost a month. That's because after all the bleaching I had to go through to get rid of the blue my hair was pretty much dead. My girlfriend couldn't stand it so she cut off the worst bits.
Ever since I've been growing it back and I kinda even cried after it was cut because it is so short compared to what I had before.

But now a month later I'm kinda getting used to it. I actually haven't even seen my own hair in a long time since I'm always wearing a wig or avoiding mirrors all together. I decided to maybe try something alittle stupid and new just because I already felt like my hair was ruined. Might aswell try that silver mask with a little bit of Directions Lilac hair dye..........

And now I can proudly say I've accidentally "saved" my hair aka I can maybe enjoy it a little bit more while it grows! My mom described to color as "wolf" I guess because it's a very ashy gray-ish blonde what ever.