Finally Sallamari dragged me out to try out the new Bubble Tea place in Helsinki! She ever offered to pay for the fun and we both ended up tasting the Strawberry tea - without milk. Mine was with Passion fruit.. Thingies.. And her's was with Strawberry. I ofcourse ended up tasting both. What is hers is also mine! The packages were so cute oh my God!! Next time we go we have to taste some other flavor + taste it with milk!

Later on we raided a cheap candy store and came up with some Hello Kitty candycotton (rather delicious btw) and some sweet Lemon icetea. Day and money well spent! I need to go candy store raiding more often because by the way, that icetea was damn delicious!

Las Saturday some of my old friends + people I met at the UV&GLOW3 party invited me to a Halloween party! Yes, we were a little late but I think Halloween is more like a state of mind, not time. They really wanted everyone to dress up for the occasion, if not something Halloween-ish, then wear something white - we had UV lights! Brought these two together and made up a Jack Skellington costume from my closet. Not perfect but close enough for a small party.

I can say I was rather proud of my costume!

It was so magical to rave in a dark room with only few things glowing in weird and vivid colors!



Few weeks back (what do you mean I'm a lazy updater??) Silva took some pictures of my new blue hair, since I don't have any good enough pictures of it yet. Also while at is she took pictures of my outfit because why the hell not? 

Some time ago there also was a UV GLOW party at my old friends house and I was invited. It was so cool to meet art school friends and dance and drink under the UV lights. Sadly I didn't get any good pictures of my UV glowing blue makeup since I didn't want to drag my camera to a place where I knew I wouldn't be able to guard it with my life.

Btw, the dress code was "anything white or UV glowing." You guys should already know I don't much wear white, but only for this occasion I agreed to wear a white shirt and white striped socks! And yes I glowed!

Quick snaps of something I bought from Bodyline a few weeks ago. Here are the pants and the jacket I bought from the Halloween sales. I'll take better pictures when I have time / I'm at home when it's still light outside. I also really want to show you my shoes, I really love them! Sadly it's too cold to wear them now, but I'll wear them again when it's warm outside and not as slippery..