11th OF MAY

Yay! So today, officially at 00:50 time, I turned 18! I couldn't be more excited!!

So far I've enjoyed my day, I had some delicious b-day breakfast (smoothie and a raspberry pie) and then headed to school. At school the sweetest thing ever was waiting for me: the class room was dark and there on the sidetable a princess cake with two candles were waiting for me! It was so cute and we all had some cake together. Finished my posters and relaxed by going to the auditorium to see the graduation projects!
After school I hanged around at home and my grandparents came to visit me. Pretty soon after that I went to Kamppi with my sister to for a delicious sushi meal! Boy it was so good!! Right now I'm chilling at home and playing with my new camera! When mom came home from work she brought us 2 different cakes: Caramell and Passion fruit cheesecake.

My delicious sushi plate!

Todays sloppy makeup look. My hair is getting really dirty but I didn't have time to do anything about it ;_; Should be good enough.

Hohohoho, Tumblr on the background!

Tomorrow I'm going to Michaela's house with The Ladies and Albino to have a sall Barbeque I guess, a lot of alcohol and good things to eat. And hopefully music. There was also a plan about re-playing Heavy Rain, which is one of my favorite games of all time!

OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT! My Portal 2 finally arrived. I actually didn't get a picture of it, but it's now home. My mom actually bought it for me for Christmas, but it's been in the warehouse for this long XD So glad, I didn't even know I was getting such! So now I'll be playing a lot more! Hope to provife you some delicious screen shots, that game is just beautiful!

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