N A I L D E C O R A T I O N x 14062011

 My naildecorations arrived yesterday! I ordered quite a lot of stuff from eBay with my mom, and stuff is starting to get home!

  • 3D roses x 120 pieces, 12 colours
  • Fimo fruits x 12 different
  • real dried flowers for nails
  • Glitters x 50 different colours
Yet to arrive are my hair extentions and that lovely shit I mentioned ;;--;; waiting, waiting.....

But I already tried on few of those glitters, and I love 'em! I'm now in the process of doing my "Slytherin nails" as in every other nail green, other silver! I love them! ♥♥

Before there glitters I had MAC red glitter. DO NOT USE IT!!!
It was the worst way to spend money! The glitter pieces are realy rough, big and they just don't let that smoot pretty surface to your nail even after 3 layers of topcoat. These new ones are much better! Really ligh, normal looking and I was even able the create a pretty cute gradient with these ones~!! ♥

I'm also growing my nails longer! I have this huge inspiraton to get killer nails before my girlfriend comes to Finland (129 days to go!!!)

Todays Makeup + Silver Glitter Nail


MATERIALISM x 10062011

I haven't seriously bought aaaany new clothes in a long time! So I just had to do some online shopping!! This beautiful shirt was found from eBay, coming from Japan and it coasted 33.90$ so definetly not bad!!

I also finally bought my lovely hair extensions, dark brown and they were 8 pieces, Clip in, 15" long~
I hope they are fantastic when the arrive <3

Some of my nail decorations have started arriving home! Post brought me y 3D roses (12 different colours, 120 pieces) I hope I can start using 'em soon!

I will post pictures when I get more stuff home <3