We have a new Photography class and we got to use the school studio class freely, since our teacher was away. Since it's winter taking good outfit pictures can be challenging, because you have to dress up super warm and taking pictures outside is horrible ;~; So I was really glad about the studio!

I wore some pretty casual clothes, since it really was school - and it's not that I wouldn't want to wear ouji to school because I mostly do, I just felt lazy. 

Wig: eBay   Shirt: H&M   Knit: Second hand   Pants: Bodyline  Socks: ???   Shoes: Varusteleka/MiliTec   Accessories: Bodyline

Yes, only managed to get one good outfit picture.. Rest of the time I either danced or laughed.

My darling class ;3; The original assignment was to practice taking school photos or passport photos. We ended up with this, since our old class photo is from our last Photography course! Everybody has changed so much since then..

I'll update real soon again, maybe after Christmas when I have something to show you guys!



Finally Sallamari dragged me out to try out the new Bubble Tea place in Helsinki! She ever offered to pay for the fun and we both ended up tasting the Strawberry tea - without milk. Mine was with Passion fruit.. Thingies.. And her's was with Strawberry. I ofcourse ended up tasting both. What is hers is also mine! The packages were so cute oh my God!! Next time we go we have to taste some other flavor + taste it with milk!

Later on we raided a cheap candy store and came up with some Hello Kitty candycotton (rather delicious btw) and some sweet Lemon icetea. Day and money well spent! I need to go candy store raiding more often because by the way, that icetea was damn delicious!

Las Saturday some of my old friends + people I met at the UV&GLOW3 party invited me to a Halloween party! Yes, we were a little late but I think Halloween is more like a state of mind, not time. They really wanted everyone to dress up for the occasion, if not something Halloween-ish, then wear something white - we had UV lights! Brought these two together and made up a Jack Skellington costume from my closet. Not perfect but close enough for a small party.

I can say I was rather proud of my costume!

It was so magical to rave in a dark room with only few things glowing in weird and vivid colors!



Few weeks back (what do you mean I'm a lazy updater??) Silva took some pictures of my new blue hair, since I don't have any good enough pictures of it yet. Also while at is she took pictures of my outfit because why the hell not? 

Some time ago there also was a UV GLOW party at my old friends house and I was invited. It was so cool to meet art school friends and dance and drink under the UV lights. Sadly I didn't get any good pictures of my UV glowing blue makeup since I didn't want to drag my camera to a place where I knew I wouldn't be able to guard it with my life.

Btw, the dress code was "anything white or UV glowing." You guys should already know I don't much wear white, but only for this occasion I agreed to wear a white shirt and white striped socks! And yes I glowed!

Quick snaps of something I bought from Bodyline a few weeks ago. Here are the pants and the jacket I bought from the Halloween sales. I'll take better pictures when I have time / I'm at home when it's still light outside. I also really want to show you my shoes, I really love them! Sadly it's too cold to wear them now, but I'll wear them again when it's warm outside and not as slippery..



I decided to dedicate a full post to my shoes. I love shoes. I think I have lots of shoes - I mean not like Sex and the City-much, but.. Should be enough! But I never seem to have anything to wear when going out and I most of the time feel like my outfit is not complete because my midget of a shoe supply. Sometimes I don't even remember all of the shoes I own.. But I decided to do a little tour around my "family".

1. SECOND HAND MEN'S HEELS - 12€ - This is my most used pair of shoes. I originally spotted these somewhere and I thought they would be perfect fro my Howl cosplay! They look like witch shoes or something but I love them. They are super good to walk with and they look pretty nice!

2. SECOND HAND - 4€ - Bought ages ago, just because I happened to have some coins.

3. MIL TEC ARMY BOOTS - 49.90€ - I really urgently needed shoes for my Mello cosplay, plus I had a pair of army boots as winter wear but they were really old. Now I have new ones and I love them! Super warm, they look cute and unlike army boots usually, they make my feet look smaller! Plus they were a really good price! Plus they have a steal head!

4. ???? HIGH HEELS - ???? - My mom bought these shoes for herself as winter wear but for some reason never used them, so she gave them to me. Another pair of shoes to my "witch" series. Used in my Grell cosplay.

5. SECOND HAND PLATFORMS - 6€ - I bought these in 2007 or something. Back then I was missing shoes to wear with... Anything really. I wanter fancy shoes and somehow found these. They remind me of Ciel. Not really good to walk with, tho!

6. DEMONIA PLATFORMS - ~80€ - Bought on eBay as used. My first real pair of shoes I was real proud of. I needed platforms for cosplay, plus I wanted something a bit more hardcore. These are really well used! I still love them very much.

7. SHOES & BAGS HIGH HEELS - 43€ - Last year they were on After Christmas SALE and I just had to have them! The shape of the head maybe reminded me a bit of Lita's, so that could have effected my decision. These are really poor to walk with but I do like them, tho! They are kinda my "normal" shoes, amongst the others.

8. DEMONIA TORMENT-804 PLATFORMS - 113€ - Newest babies in the house. Bought last summer from SinisterSoles and I absolutely adore them. I don't wear them as much, since they are 14cm platform, but I do love them. Now that winter is coming there is nooo way I'm gonna be using these outside, but in the summer again.. In a way I don't know why I have there, they don't really suit my style but... I love them so much I'll use them anyways!!!

9. CUSTOM CONVERSE - 15€ - Mom bought these for herself in 2011 American Car Show, some artist was selling these. She wore terrible heels there and had to buy some more comfortable shoes. Gladly she found these and thought that since they are so cheep, she can buy them and maybe one of the kids will like them. Figures out I like them. Kinda. And to me they were free and delivered home, so why the hell not! I was missing casual shoes.

10. RUNNING SHOES - ??? - I love taking walks and running outdoors and I ofcourse need proper shoes for that! These weren't expensive, I ca remember and my dad bought them for me to support my want  for exercising. These are one of the best shoes I have - honest! And one of the most used too, since I take walks / run almost daily. I can't imagine running or taking a walk without these. A good shoe really makes a difference!!

I went through my photo files to see if I can find any good pictures of my blue hair to post on this forum, but instead I came across this! Sometimes I miss my pale pink hair, it was a really cute accident. But it wasn't me and kinda looked good only on photos.. Still, have an old picture of me!



Now, for the first time, Sallamari took me to Ounce for some tea. We've been there many times shopping for tea, but this was the first time we actually got a table. It was so nice and the price really isn't bad! We really enjoyed our Alice in Mirrorland.

Since I am an Admin at the Fuckyeahironsky tumblr blog, I run into these news pretty often. So I came across a link to The Making of Iron Sky page! This was few months ago. I told about it to Jaan because he is my moon nazi buddy. Now last week Jaan texted me that the exhibition opened. I had totally forgot. We decided to go there. And we did.And it was awesome!

There were walls full of planning pictures of different scenes and all the warmachines. I wanted to have them all and hang everything on my walls.

Nazi moon base plans.

There was a circle room with the entire movie in as a comic.

Original costumes and stunt dolls from the movie. From left to right, The American guy who dies in the first 2 minutes, Reneta's space suit and Washington's space suit. Washington's helmet glass is broken because there is a fight scene in the movie. So these really are original pieces from the set!

Hhahahah there was a green screen you could walk into and it showed you on the Nazi moon base.

After the Nazi adventure we headed to Ounce.Me and Jaan, we are both tea lovers and this seemed like a good idea. Plus he's never been there. So we sat there for several hours and talked about tea and school and stuff. It's so nice to hang around with him every once in a while.

Last but not least (or maybe least, yeah) the last picture of me with my long hair! I cut them yesterday an you'll probably have pictures of my new hair as soon as today! Wheeeee!



Bodyline is having a Halloween SALE so I'm buying some clothes from there with Sallamari. Tho their SALE fucking sucks because yesterday my shopping cart was 135€ and this morning I updated - added nothing and took nothing out - it was over 200€. So thanks a bunch, your crazy sale lasted under 20 hours and you mentioned nothing. Had to cut down my shoppings to afford all the things I want and now my shopping cart is final. Making the order as soon as possible, already gave Sallamari my order.

SHOES - 40$ - I am missing these lolita/ouji shoes. Proper ones. I've been looking for perfect shoes for a long long time and then suddenly Sallamari linked these babies to me. I think they are pretty much perfect.

JACKET - 33$ - Something I really love is jackets. I feel like I can never have too many. Also this reminds me of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, so I kinda have to have it! I think this will go well with my striped pants.

PANTS - 27$ - I'm also missing pants like these. The buttons are gold, so I'll need to change them but that's no big trouble. I'm also buying lots of socks from eBay and I need something to show them off with.



This is what it looks like after the final bleaching. Still pastel pink but I'm gonna go with "close enough"! The blue is rather dark I hope it covers this.

I found my fox fur collar from my closet, haven't used it in a long long time. I still love it very much. Once of my best second-hand purchases! Now that winter is coming it won't look as weird to wear fur, maybe I'll take this bad boy out for a walk sometime soon. I'm hoping Enfant Terrible will have a lolita meet-up soon so I can go show off my clothes.

After the bleaching episode, I finally used my blue hair dye! It turned out rather fabulous!! I really like the end result, it's alittle greenish at some parts - like always sigh - but i most parts I think it's cool. I need to re-dye is this weekend to get a better result. Also thinking about maybe going one shade darker. It looks so much darker in real life omg. I'm always surprised when I take a photo.

The hair dye nicely sticks to my skin and fingers and basicly everything it touches...

I went to one of the PSC meet-ups after a long long break. I don't know why haven't I been going but.. Well now I did! It was nice meeting with other cosplayers from my area, hearing what they are up to.. And Ecca even managed to talk me into entering to an cosplay competition!!

Tiiau had her rocking horses on her when she came. Somehow Sallamari managed to steal them from her while she and Ecca practiced for a cosplay show. I had to try them on!! I actually really really like them and I know I've been saying I'll never get ones because they won't suit me but.. I guess it wouldn't be that bad? If I ever come across a good pair I can afford then yes, why the hell not!



Last week we went on a school trip and I was glad it was a Monday because I had time to do my makeup properly. I also wore a wig because wigs are stylish! And finally I came around using my blue lipstick!! Never wore it outside  before but I thought I gotta give it a try. It actually looks really cool.

Umm.. I just really needed to take a picture of this because LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT!! I had just done my makeup, I opened to bathroom door and was about to walk out when this bitch came sprinting at me from the living room and than god stopped at some point. I ran to kitchen and grabbed a big heavy glass.I squeezed that loser down! Really it was terrible and I cried! I am a huge Aracnophobic! I'm really proud of myself because I killed it myself.

In art class our teacher decided to take us on a field trip to go draw something. Sitting in the same classroom for 7 hours is pretty exhausting and it was really cool to go out for a while. School payed us a trip to the "Animal Museum" in Helsinki. It's a place full of filled animals in setting that are very close to their natural habitat, plus lots of skeletons, sounds clips of their communication and information about there animals and where they live. It's a super cool place and all the animals were cute.

At one point we started thinking how cool are those settings! It would be very interesting to work on that field and so stuff like that, because some of the cases were just so cool!

There is a whole room for the beginning of the Eart and its creatures so ofcourse they gotta have some dinosaurs over there. These were huuuuge!

That is a skeleton or a monkey! I think it was adorable!

Skeleton garden

I decided to do a darker makeup this time. I also cut my hair a bit no now the layers are better and I can just feel how much easier it is to style again!! This picture ended up as my new dA ID picture. I'm actually starting to like that pink color, but I am still going to do the blue. This will be fun while it lasts.