Now, for the first time, Sallamari took me to Ounce for some tea. We've been there many times shopping for tea, but this was the first time we actually got a table. It was so nice and the price really isn't bad! We really enjoyed our Alice in Mirrorland.

Since I am an Admin at the Fuckyeahironsky tumblr blog, I run into these news pretty often. So I came across a link to The Making of Iron Sky page! This was few months ago. I told about it to Jaan because he is my moon nazi buddy. Now last week Jaan texted me that the exhibition opened. I had totally forgot. We decided to go there. And we did.And it was awesome!

There were walls full of planning pictures of different scenes and all the warmachines. I wanted to have them all and hang everything on my walls.

Nazi moon base plans.

There was a circle room with the entire movie in as a comic.

Original costumes and stunt dolls from the movie. From left to right, The American guy who dies in the first 2 minutes, Reneta's space suit and Washington's space suit. Washington's helmet glass is broken because there is a fight scene in the movie. So these really are original pieces from the set!

Hhahahah there was a green screen you could walk into and it showed you on the Nazi moon base.

After the Nazi adventure we headed to Ounce.Me and Jaan, we are both tea lovers and this seemed like a good idea. Plus he's never been there. So we sat there for several hours and talked about tea and school and stuff. It's so nice to hang around with him every once in a while.

Last but not least (or maybe least, yeah) the last picture of me with my long hair! I cut them yesterday an you'll probably have pictures of my new hair as soon as today! Wheeeee!

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