Few weeks back (what do you mean I'm a lazy updater??) Silva took some pictures of my new blue hair, since I don't have any good enough pictures of it yet. Also while at is she took pictures of my outfit because why the hell not? 

Some time ago there also was a UV GLOW party at my old friends house and I was invited. It was so cool to meet art school friends and dance and drink under the UV lights. Sadly I didn't get any good pictures of my UV glowing blue makeup since I didn't want to drag my camera to a place where I knew I wouldn't be able to guard it with my life.

Btw, the dress code was "anything white or UV glowing." You guys should already know I don't much wear white, but only for this occasion I agreed to wear a white shirt and white striped socks! And yes I glowed!

Quick snaps of something I bought from Bodyline a few weeks ago. Here are the pants and the jacket I bought from the Halloween sales. I'll take better pictures when I have time / I'm at home when it's still light outside. I also really want to show you my shoes, I really love them! Sadly it's too cold to wear them now, but I'll wear them again when it's warm outside and not as slippery..


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