This is what it looks like after the final bleaching. Still pastel pink but I'm gonna go with "close enough"! The blue is rather dark I hope it covers this.

I found my fox fur collar from my closet, haven't used it in a long long time. I still love it very much. Once of my best second-hand purchases! Now that winter is coming it won't look as weird to wear fur, maybe I'll take this bad boy out for a walk sometime soon. I'm hoping Enfant Terrible will have a lolita meet-up soon so I can go show off my clothes.

After the bleaching episode, I finally used my blue hair dye! It turned out rather fabulous!! I really like the end result, it's alittle greenish at some parts - like always sigh - but i most parts I think it's cool. I need to re-dye is this weekend to get a better result. Also thinking about maybe going one shade darker. It looks so much darker in real life omg. I'm always surprised when I take a photo.

The hair dye nicely sticks to my skin and fingers and basicly everything it touches...

I went to one of the PSC meet-ups after a long long break. I don't know why haven't I been going but.. Well now I did! It was nice meeting with other cosplayers from my area, hearing what they are up to.. And Ecca even managed to talk me into entering to an cosplay competition!!

Tiiau had her rocking horses on her when she came. Somehow Sallamari managed to steal them from her while she and Ecca practiced for a cosplay show. I had to try them on!! I actually really really like them and I know I've been saying I'll never get ones because they won't suit me but.. I guess it wouldn't be that bad? If I ever come across a good pair I can afford then yes, why the hell not!

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