We have a new Photography class and we got to use the school studio class freely, since our teacher was away. Since it's winter taking good outfit pictures can be challenging, because you have to dress up super warm and taking pictures outside is horrible ;~; So I was really glad about the studio!

I wore some pretty casual clothes, since it really was school - and it's not that I wouldn't want to wear ouji to school because I mostly do, I just felt lazy. 

Wig: eBay   Shirt: H&M   Knit: Second hand   Pants: Bodyline  Socks: ???   Shoes: Varusteleka/MiliTec   Accessories: Bodyline

Yes, only managed to get one good outfit picture.. Rest of the time I either danced or laughed.

My darling class ;3; The original assignment was to practice taking school photos or passport photos. We ended up with this, since our old class photo is from our last Photography course! Everybody has changed so much since then..

I'll update real soon again, maybe after Christmas when I have something to show you guys!

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