Last week we went on a school trip and I was glad it was a Monday because I had time to do my makeup properly. I also wore a wig because wigs are stylish! And finally I came around using my blue lipstick!! Never wore it outside  before but I thought I gotta give it a try. It actually looks really cool.

Umm.. I just really needed to take a picture of this because LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT!! I had just done my makeup, I opened to bathroom door and was about to walk out when this bitch came sprinting at me from the living room and than god stopped at some point. I ran to kitchen and grabbed a big heavy glass.I squeezed that loser down! Really it was terrible and I cried! I am a huge Aracnophobic! I'm really proud of myself because I killed it myself.

In art class our teacher decided to take us on a field trip to go draw something. Sitting in the same classroom for 7 hours is pretty exhausting and it was really cool to go out for a while. School payed us a trip to the "Animal Museum" in Helsinki. It's a place full of filled animals in setting that are very close to their natural habitat, plus lots of skeletons, sounds clips of their communication and information about there animals and where they live. It's a super cool place and all the animals were cute.

At one point we started thinking how cool are those settings! It would be very interesting to work on that field and so stuff like that, because some of the cases were just so cool!

There is a whole room for the beginning of the Eart and its creatures so ofcourse they gotta have some dinosaurs over there. These were huuuuge!

That is a skeleton or a monkey! I think it was adorable!

Skeleton garden

I decided to do a darker makeup this time. I also cut my hair a bit no now the layers are better and I can just feel how much easier it is to style again!! This picture ended up as my new dA ID picture. I'm actually starting to like that pink color, but I am still going to do the blue. This will be fun while it lasts.

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