So so begin with, I'm attending Miss Personality's lovely giveaway~! That hairvelcro is really tempting!
You can attend and read the rules HERE!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Then maybe some more serious tasks aka my face! I have officilly ran out of hair dye and I'm too lazy to get any hahahah so it's faiding now.. Also I'm troubling with my roots. Bluh, need to bleach it again and then decide on further colors. I feel tempted to stay orange, but also there are so many other pretty colors. Went to droll on 'em to Morticia just few days ago on my day off from work!

And what these pictures really are: I tested my Trinity Blood Dietrich makeup! Huuuuuuge eyelashes and dramatic big eyes. Still need to work on that, more eyeshadows!! And I need better lashes for this shit, it's not working as it is. I would also like a pair of big brown eyecontacts~!

Bluh, stupid mini update! Welp my next update will be christmas stuff. Fuck yeah every materialist out there will love it!

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