So I've been mostly working on my school stuff, and a part from that was taking photos in a studio of on object you are gonna use on your Advertising project. Mine was my ultimate accessory baby, my pocket watch! Have some bad studio photos of my clock!

I love the pinion in the back!

Gotta have the Gray card on the photo, so I can edit the color balance later in Camera RAW

I took a lovely picture with Emmi. Oh God, we are pretty. And I feel so naked without my vest and scarf and shit. I've gotten used to being all clad in clothes, hiding myself now this feel weird and way too exposed! Help me!! The last picture of my red glitter nails I never even showed to you! Oh well, the are almost off now so I can start on my new ones. Don't worry, you missed nothing! They were pretty horrible @___@

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Buhahahah have my school face from yesterday! The only morning when I had time to put on some makeup and even do my hair! It's not like you can really see but I have turquoise and silver eyeshadow! Love my new eyeshadow set!! I should take some pictures of my materialism happiness soon. Only if I had a camera... 

Emmi bought me that battery, again! Love her forever for that!
Guess what I have been doing a lot lately: I've been watching anime again. Specially Death Note. I started re-watching it in school since it seems my entire class got drawn to it and Emmi re-watched it sooo... It was good to refresh my memory! Ofc I didn't waste my time on the boring beginning, I have that part as manga, so I started from the episode where Mello comes in as in the ep 27! Everything is Death Note and nothing hurts! I should work on that cosplay anyways...

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