Ugh I just experienced my first ever Enfant Terrible lolita forum meet-up! At first I was really scarer because some people say these meet-up are full of elitist and that afpiehfpeowh scary place! But really the mood all around was really relaxed, we had a really good photoshoot, AG was an amazing photographer and I ended up being her Butler, she needed someone to hold and umbrella on her camera because it was raining and it's always good to have some assistance! We photoshooted all the pretty ladies and then finished off with me and Toni, our manly side!
So now I finally got A) my first ever official lolita meet-up and B) good pictures of myself! Even if the day was rainy I think it gave the pictures a nice shade to them! Kinda cold~ I like it! And now I'm super jealous of AG's cool stuff, she had like a remote for her camera!

Let's have some photos!

Group photo that shows us all! I think the limit of meet-uppers was 20 people because we had that café thingy! Can't showe too many lolitas with their big skirts in one café! XD
I really lover everybodys outfits, got to see some selfmade stuff and also some brand beauty! One thing I remember was that beautiful Angelic Pretty piano purse ;;3;;

My outfit!

Something more closer

I think our photographer liked my nails! AG was photoshooting details in our outfits and my nails found their way into these pictures! Well, they need more attention anyways!

Some more detail picturingm everything from my chest area!
I love that crown neclace I have! Got it for christmas from my mom few years ago, I think it was from Glitter around 20€ or something. Also selfmade bowtie, and another bow I got from Tala as a birthday present!

After photoshooting everybody was freezing and we headed to Café Ekberg! I had a really nice hot chocolate with whipped cream, it just didn't have any sugar in it :< So I had to put that in myself.. But the café was beautyful and surprisingly big, they also have their own bakery! All the cakes looked good and people said they tasted amazing, I got to taste AG's cheese cake and dammn! Some said the tea was not that good and really that hot chocolated needed sugar.. Then we waited for the rain to stop (it was raining like hell) and headed home. On this trip I managed to also see an old friend, Alice from Hartsilapset BJD forum! I'll be keeping in touch with her!

Now confident from this meet-up I remembered Hartsilapset forum and attended one of their meet-ups! They are having a Lolita meet-up so I'll be there~!

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  1. You look awesome as always~! Oh and everyone is so cute ;A; So many nice outfits~


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