STUDIO + FAKER x 18102011

So we just found out that we have a studio class in school! So we set it up, built a wall of MACs and took a few photos of everybody! In the end we also took a little group photo! <3

Me, Toni, Hanna, Emmi & Linda

I look stupid but hey, have my current hair color! It sucks!! But there you can see my new lovely vest <3 I'm gonna have a little Newbie post soon for all the stuff I have bought lately +I'm dying my hair any minute now~! Alllso I have a Halloween photoshoot on saturday so have my creeeeepy pictures! I have no idea what will I wear in there but I have to plan this out with Hilppa~

& I have few video updates coming!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

This morning I got online on Facebook and I had 2 new messages in my inbox. The first one was from my friend Kitty and the second one was from someone random. It was a nice message. The message informed me that there is a fake-Karakuri on Facebook! There was a link to it and I went there and yes very well someone has made a fake account of me!! Who ever is keeping this account has stalked me well but there are sooo many little mistakes.... So I sent her some nasty messages and so did my class, and some of my dA friends.! I hope this little fucker understands that this is a crime and if she won't delete this account soon or tell everybody that she is an imposter I will report her~!

If you wish to send her nasty messages go HERE !

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