SLEEPOVERZ x 01092011

Did some sleepovering with mah awsum cosplay group last weekend. Ohhh boy that must have been the best weekend since that horrible breakup. Really cheered me up, thanks guys!
So stupidity hangaround at SCRMR's house with SCRMR herself, Hilppa and Nuutti. Bought so much food oh my god and we played Heavy Rain all night! Somewhere arounf 7am we realized we are still up! Slept a few hours and then Nuutti and SCRMR went to Sello's Gamestop to get us new games! Played LA NOIRE all day and then went home!

First we ate some noodels with chicken nuggets and shrimps. It was soooo tasty!

Then some Heavy Rain. Damn that game was so good, I have got to get that game home!! We managed to play it trough from the start and ended up with an ending where that ARI-glass guy is dead (but living in the ARI virtual world), Eithan got in jail but was freed, we saved the boy, killed the bad guy and all this was made BY A WOMAN!

Messy table in to morning... We did clean up everything before we left!

Shaky picture of our nest where we slept! I slept on the sofa and Hilbo and SCRMR slept on the floor. See my laptop is here with me again XDD and Mountain Dew!

Me makeupless in the morning...

Hilbo making cupcakes again! We do this every time!

There they are... Looking tasty and oh god they were!

Some LA NOIRE in there. That seemed like a good game too! Just didn't play it that much~

My breakfast! Yes it was a tasty bastard!

Also recently I got a nice hint for clother: TaoBao shops! So I have a shopping cart on TaoBaoNOW waiting for me. Cart includes 3 pairs of kneehigh socks and a black shirt with a bowtie! And I did something new: I signed up for an ENFANT TERRIBLE forum meet-up! The meet-up is on 8.10 and I just got accepted there. Boy I'm so nervous about this but I think it's gonna be alright~!

Gonna have a nother sleepover with Laura today, she is gonna make me some clothes in future. Hopefully! She's been down for a while so I hope to cheer her up!

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