So Halloween was last weekend and Our Comical Dreams -group held a photoshoot in Helsinki! I got invited to this photoshoot and ofc I wanted to go!! I love Halloween and dressing up. And specially doing the cool makeups and playing with fake blood!
I went there with a photoshootbrother Hilppa, we had a small story for us, I was going to be an older brother who was very violent and Hilppa was my unfortunate brother who got killed by me. So we got some really nice photos beating each other up! Sadly it was really cold outside and ofc we were photoshooting there for guite few hours, so at the end of the day I was freezing. Haven't been that cold in a long time.. Lucky we got a car ride back home from Hilbo's dad~!

I love that gasmask I got from my dad. It's the real Finnish Army gasmask and the gas is still in the tin! So in case of an emergency I have a working gasmask!

My full outfit. Even wearing that much I was super cold! Fingers were the worse!

And a single shot of me!

Notice the fact that I dyed my hair! :> It was the day before the photoshoot when I borrowed/got some red Crazy Color from Hilppa! The color is called "Vermillion Red" and I let it set for 2,5 hours. It is supposed to come out veeery red, but my hair wasn't blonde, it was light brown when I put on the dye. I did tha on purpose, yees. Becuase I was not aiming for perfect red hair, more for the orange. And I got it!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Then a whole different business. Everybody knows how much I love my class! I mean really, I have the best class ever. And even more and more we are going stuff together, like going to cons, seeing after school, chatting on weekends, everything. Actually I'm going to DigiExpo with Linda! So being with these little furbals has become something really important. Does wonders to how well do I get up the bed and go to school in the morning!
One thing I think we all love doing is taking photos / modeling! So we have taken advantage of our studio classes and our school has it's own studio +all the cool studio gear! We've taken some really good photos but also when the teacher goeas for a coffee or we are out of real jobs, we take something whole alot else! XD also we have taken in some time from our lunch breaks or boring classes to go out and snap a few photos!

My school outfit just a few day ago. Short shorts even if it was fucking cold! Gotta sacrifice for looking good!

This is the lovely new vest I got from UFF! Cost me 4€ because of sales! I really love it, probably one of my new favorite pieces! I just need to slightly take it in from the back and maybe add some decoration and it's perfect!!

Me, Linda & Emmi
I am suck a wife beater!!

Baby Dave hanging from my vest! Linda made this one or me as as surprise to be found from my memory card!

And a single studio picture! This class we studied drawing out objects or models from a black background with a spotlight! It was so fun and holy jegus the size of that camera!!
Lovely Mara in the background trying to be greepy!

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