Sorry I've been so inactive lately. I've been a bit busy and a bit lazy updating this blog. With instagram and other social medias so close to my on my phone it actually seems hard to actually take the effort of editing my photos for this blog or even taking out a proper camera to take the photos with!

Also just a few weeks ago I resigned from my job. Things weren't nice there so I decided it's my time to move on to somewhere where I feel safe. Let's not go into that, not very interesting.

I've finally gotten around to doing some shopping and I am so proud of myself. I'll post what I've already received in the mail and make another post of the other stuff arriving later, plus a separate post of the contacts I bought!

I've had a literal legit gender crisis with my old shoe collection. For some reason all of my "nice" shoes I can wear with ouji are hella girly and lately that has started bothering me a bunch. Also I think the thin heel -style doesn't suit me because I like to have more weight on the bottom to even everything out!

So I fell in love with these! I think they are a perfect combination of everything I ever look for in a shoe, they were cheap as shit because they are China made and they are surprisingly ridiculously easy to walk with!

Because of a moment of madness I bough them in both colors for no good reason what so ever. At least it's interesting to have some variation in my shoe collection because so far everything else is just black. Maybe I can do some lighter sweeter coords with the white ones!

I've always kinda wanted an Angelic Pretty cutsew to go a bit casual every once in a while. Happened to find this jewel on Enfant Terrible and got it this week. I'm already feeling a bit festive and am looking forward to Christmas so maybe that made me buy it. The fur bits are adorable!

Also whenever I don't feel like looking like a gothic prince elf, the fur comes off, it's attached by small buttons. When you take the fur off it's a very nice basic AP cutsew, tho the neckline is a tad bit too open for my taste.

All of my purse issues have been dealt with by buying this bag. It's Angelic Pretty and I got it from Lacemarket. Came from Estonia. This was my first ever AP piece I've bought for myself (bought plenty of AP for my girlfriend) and I must say I love it. It's cute, good colors, great condition and it lightens up my coords just a bit.

The only downside is that because of it's shape it's actually smaller on the inside than it may look. So really just wallet, keys and bus card fit in nicely, otherwise it won't close. I'll work with that!

Sadly I haven't really taken any proper outfit photos apart from the ones I have on instagram. I just got a fullbody mirror (finally) so outfit pictures and snaps are possible now. I should just find the time to take pictures for both this blog and instagram with different cameras. Hate to present you with this kind of quality.

I've felt very Halloween inspired and vampyric lately, so all my coords have been really black and goth. Tho now I'm trying to buy new pieces to go with my closet to bring variation. I feel like I only ever wear 3 different oufits.


  1. Aaah, you've quit your job too? I'm well on my way to doing so as well. I'm hoping that things go better for you in the employment department though.

    The gender crisis with clothing—I relate greatly, but these shoes are looking pretty awesome.

    Love your coords, and doesn't a full length mirror just make life easier?

    1. for me quitting was the only option if I wanted to keep my health. I was an emotional wreck and if anyone ever feels the same way, I'm telling them to quit immediately!

      the full length mirror is the best thing ever. I get to check out my ENTIRE outfit. also fast outfit pictures~

  2. OMG I have those boots on my withlist a long time ago!
    Wa i like them *W*!
    I love your oujis looks. You look awesome and cool *W*!!

    1. I love them so much but the quality is so cheap ;_; be prepared to fix them a lot! but that's just "you get what you pay for"


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