On my last post I promised I'd do a separate post about the things I've bought lately. This is going to be a quite short post but that's what they've all been lately.

I had a really bad day at work, ended up going to a hospital for a check out and got a week off. Apparently I experienced some sort of a burn out, plus my heart problem got a bit worse. I've been working like a crazy person, plus all the stress at work kept on piling on me because I'm a rare Finn there. That's why I kinda snapped. So also another reason for not updating in a while!

On top of all this Cherry broke up with me.

2 x necklace: Happened to see these in Morticia some time ago and I couldn't decide on the color so I got both. I'm lacking accessories, badly! So I really needed these.

School uniform-ish cardigan: my sister gave this one to me. She used the have a more boyish phase but that's long gone and she was about to thrown alot of things out or just sell them but she offered the cardigan to me and heck yes I want it!
Blue shorts: bought from Vero Moda, while shopping with Cherry. I kinda though they might be the same color as my school uniform jacket and figures out, they are! Tho they are very short and I'm not quite comfortable with them yet, also I don't think I've ever owned anything in size S.

Innocent World "Greta" -set: when I first saw this I knew I had to have it! Even tho it's not in my specific color aka the light parts are not white, they are beige. I'm going to learn to love it. I already love it! And with this I'll have something to wear for summer!

Dollmore Zaoll Luv: Say hello to new Hamlet! The old Hamlet I have (DZ Aaron) is not what Hamlet's character is anymore so I decided to do a mold change! My old classmate happened to be selling her Zaoll Luv (modded into a boy) and I though it would be perfect! I always was jealous of the doll and I love that little face! Also him being just 52cm tall it wasn't a big leap from a MSD.

The old Hamlet will be put to use and I've planned a makeover for him. He's not necessarily going be a character, more of an art piece / collectible. 

The new Hamlet is going to go through a makeover aswell and I'm currently waiting for one of my fave faceup artist to have free sports so I can send him in. Slowly but surely building him up.


  1. You got some beautiful things and Im so sorry about Cherry

  2. You really got some pretty new items. Also love your new doll. *w*
    But I'm sad to hear about the break-off. :( Hope you'll feel better soon!


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