I'm sorry I haven't had much time for updating, you all should know that I've wanted to and I've tried. My new laptop still doesn't have a working photo editing program and I've been busy with work, relationships and conventions. Now I hope I can come back to updating more often.

Once again a trip to The Ounce. I'm p much a regular already and they remember what I like.

For some reason I felt the need to buy cat ears on eBay so I did and I like them embarrassingly much. I wear them more than I should and I'd like to make it clear I do not think I look cool. I know I look like a weeaboo shitbaby but I guess I've accepted that.

My companion arranged a New Year's party and I kinda helped so yes part credits to me. I though that was a great chance to take my new things for a walk, like the new piercings I got from Cybershop. I don't think I'll be buying piercings from there anymore because the screws on these thing suck and won't stay on. Also I like the bigger backplates for studs and I only saw small ones there. Anyways, tried it and I think it looks nice so maybe I'll wear them for special things.

This is my new ouji-brother. I met her in Helsinki Lolita Convention (of which I will be doing a separate blog post when the pictures and videos roll in). Somehow in the 20 minutes of random conversation it came up that we both have the same IW salopette every good boy has and we both even had it in grey. Two days later we decided to meet up for tea and gossips and wore matchey clothes.

We're gonna do this a lot more often now so beware.

It's been quite a long time since I updated so I'm gonna go through the things I've gotten while the silence. I didn't even have time or effort to take pictures of everything I've bought, like all my new winter clothes but screw it, we're gonna have to go with this.

School uniform jacket - Bought this second hand from a Facebook lolita & gyaru sales group. I'm gonna have to learn how to wear it, I love it so much. It's actually dark navy blue but I took a bad picture.

Innocent World Playing Card Chocolate blouse - My first ever white blouse, I've needed one for a very very long time. This one caught my eye because of the ribbon and game card buttons. This is my new favorite thing.

Alice and the Pirates pants - Bought second hand from Hellocon fleamarket tables. Made a ridiculous deal on these and they might be too big for me but I'm willing to take them in a bit for a price like that. Under 40€ and they are in great condition.

eBay replica socks - Give me a break they were 4 dollars.

Innocent World Wendy socks - I have a weakness for socks but I never find ones I like. These definitely are nice and I think IW socks are a good quality. I'll be needing more of these.


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