I promised you a second post soon to showcase the rest of the stuff I've recently bought and since everything's not out from the mail I think it's time! Let's start of with some of my daily cosmetics.

1. DIESEL Loverdoze l'eau de toilette - I've never had my own "scent" and I've never actually shopped for perfumes of any sort. I somehow landed on this even tho I was looking for something sweeter. It smells a bit like licorice but has a sweet undertone. The perfume version is much stronger and more night time than I'd like. Now I definitely want more.

2. Lumene Natural Code powder - This is the powder I'm currently using. One of those rare cosmetic products that are light enough for me.

3. Lumene Natural Code foundation - Once again I only use this because it's the only available thing light enough for me. Next time I run out I'm going to order something online because I don't like the cover of this one. Too shear for my liking.

4. Loreal Studio Secrets foundation primer - Haven't bought facial primers in such a long time. I'm lazy at using them but this is my desperate attempt to fool anyone I have good skin. It glides on like a miracle and does smooth out my skin. Guess it helps the foundation too. My only problem is that it makes blending the foundation a bit harder.

5. Isadora concealer pen - first concealer I've even bought, found it at Kicks. I never use concealer because I have trouble finding light enough tones. Everything's always a bit orange and I end up spending the most of my time covering up my concealer. This time I found something really milky. Sad part is that it blends badly.

Would you ever be interested in seeing any makeup videos or posts from me?

Alice and the Pirates "Jerenile" vest - Found a gem like this from Lacemarket. Always dreamed of owning a big piece from AATP and vests are something I did not have too many of. Sadly this was men's size and even the girly size would be huge on me so I sent it to a seamstress and it was made to my measurements.

Innocent World 3Way cape - Also bought on Lacemarket. I love capes and now I have this cutie. The top part and hood actually come off and I can wear it as a smaller accessory-like cape or with the whole thing as outerwear. It's really light and actually bigger than on the picture. Had to fold it in a bit to fit the frame.

Outfit pictures of both later.

Metamorphose temps de fille socks - Found simple black-white socks and I had to get them. These are my first Meta items. Sadly these are REALLY tight and small for some reason. I don't think there's a chance it's because my legs are too big, they clearly are not. I'm just gonna have to - sadly - stretch them out a bit.

With great power comes great responsibility. With a new phone comes instagram.

I finally got myself a new, working phone and got internet on it. Up until this moment yes I have lived with a phone with no internet connection or any special treats what so ever. It's been hard. Not that's changed and I'm embracing all these apps and social medias and IG is one of them. I try to post as often as I can and I post a lot more of my outfit pictures on others there, more than here. So if you are interested in weekly outfits and makeups and what not, definitely follow me!


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  2. I think I officially envy you for the vest and cape now. xD So cool!
    Going to follow you in IG, too, for sure. ;)


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