NEW HAIR & NEW NAILS x 23092011 x

So... Yeah I finally managed to dye my hair! No more moldy green or stupid blue! I was so sick and tired of the semipermanent colours I just walked into a store and bought Loreal hairdye! Okay it wasn't that easy! Kamppi's Anttila was out of the hairdye, and so was the railway station's Anttila so me and Sanni had to walk all the way to Stockmann to get me this! The color is called PURE PAPRIKA!
I also got some DUO lashglue so now I can start using my fake eyelashes I got last summer! Fucking 60 pairs of 'em! I'm wearing them on these pictures~!

Better picture of my pretty lashes!

This one ended up to be my new dA ID!
Somehow I usually manage to get my eyeglasses off on pictures, but these you have them! Just not on!
Also how many of you have ever seen my teeth??

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Nail business! So I got tired with my old purple nails and they were all falling off, maybe 7 of my nails were glued back on! So now that problem is fixed, I removed all the old nailpolishes and glues and re-did all the nails that were in need of it, also did some fillings! I thought that now that my hair is a warm color, I might watch and learn for my nails! So I ended up learning from Homestuck trolls! I copied to colors from their horns (okay I used red, I think theirs are really red orange!) and did a glitter gradients! Topped is all off with clear UV gel and cured for god knows how long!

There you go! I couldn't keep my nails all simple so I add the black crosses!

And finishing off with a picture of all my nail junk minus the UV owen, that didn't fit in the picture anymore!

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