S U D D E N L Y x 19082011

I am suddenly updating on my nails. I took this picture in school with our MAD webcam just to show them off! So at the moment they are this long, trying to be stiletto and every other nail is blue glitter, every other is black and shiny. And left hand has a cross. I really like them and they are even not hard to work with now that I'm in school! Tho my right hand middle finger's nail almost fell of yesterday when I was dying my hair but I did something that you are not supposed to do - I glued it back on! just a temporary solution since I filled 'em just last week. There won't be new acryl in weeks! So I'm gonna hope it hangs in there for a while and when I take my nailpolish off next time I will take care of it. But it's almost lost completely. Sad!

And yes, my hair is back to half green! I didn't have that much green hair dye left so I put  only 50% of my hair green! I kinda like it!

Tumblr stop being sorry and start working !

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