R O P E C O N & P O T T E R x 05082011

So, I was in Ropecon last week! Two first days I was in cosplay (John, Homestuck) but the final day I was just as myself and wandered around with friends and dolls. I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

 Hamlet & Nanuq

And to finish with my outfit! We photoshooted our dolls quite a lot, since Kuhmu had her new camera there! Lots of great pictures of dolls and I managed to model around infont of the camera to et some photos of myself!

This was my 3rd Ropecon and this year I even bought the ticket in! Yes, many don't do that since a lot of the stuff is happening outside and the space is good. But this time I was super brave and actually paid that nasty 25€ !! I didn't actually buy anything else than food, but something on the Varusteleka shop cought my eye! Austria military hats! I loooove uniforms and I love to take hints and tips from military dress up for my Kodona. I think I'm gonna need that hat!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

And now comes the sad part. My girlfriend left me.
So I went to the movies with Kiti - as planned and we went to see the final Harry Potter movie. I loved the damn movie, I cried all along! Really, now I feel somehow empty! I was on the 1st class when Harry Potter landed to Finland, and I have been a fan ever since! Now I'm gonna go to the second grade of Vocational College and now this all ended. My cildhoods biggest thing ever just ended.

And trough all the books and movies, I didn't like Snape, the entire book series tought you not to trust Snape and so many times it was supposed to be Snape behind all the shit happening! But now, many things make sense and I feel so sorry for him. I sometimes actually feel like... I'm Snape.

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