So this time we are going with nice purple/plack/white theme. There you can see my bth hands and as you can see they are pretty much all different. I like that. Both hands have that tiger pattern nail and a purple cross, but otherwise they are all different. All the decorating has been done with Color Club nailpolishes, plus small decorations with nailart pens. As glue-on decoration I have some 3D roses (purple base) and light purple plastic diamonds. All topcoated with UV gel and cured for god knows how long. I think our UV oven is shit, takes forever to cure the nails!!
Something thse pictures don't show is the bottom of the nail being shimmery green! I thought I'd try that and it look so cool! Somehow this purple is a pretty girly colour, then I have the surprising dark green underneath!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Tracon 2011/Tracon VI was last weekend. Boooooys and guuuuurls I had so much fun! I was in cosplay on both of the days, first day I was 2D from Gorillaz and second day Mello. I met so many of my awesome friend, mostly hanged arounf with Aami and Hilbo.
I didn't have that much money to spend on getting any suveniers, but I did purchase my spellbook for my BJD boy, Hamlet! A Finnish artist called NoxyNobodi made it to mee as a custom work and asked me 7€ from it. That cheap?? I really love it and it was so nice to see her again, I'm such a fan for all her works!!!

The said book in close-up pic, Hamlet holding it. The book really opens and it's closed with leather bows. Inside the book pages are nice and yellow, the book actually looks kinda old and used. We agreed that she doesn't need to do anything on the pages like no texts or drawings, I'm gonna take care of that when needed. I'm also gonna put in some feathers and plants!

Also a picture of my dear boy holding it. Gawd damn what a picture, sorry for the rainy day lights, it looks pretty awful..... But there you can see the true size of the book compaired to Hamlet. I think my SteamPunk SD, Jack Steam will love it too!

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