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Hahaaa, so last Thursday I had a hangaround night with Hilbo and we made some sushi and rented Twilight Eclipse for the lolz (original idea was to rent a Pokémon movie but they didn't have any)! Damn our sushi turned out delicious and half of the catch was eaten while making! And we managed to make a royal mess in the kitchen too! Hilbo's father ended up offering us some sake and he even joined us with sushi eating and Twilight watching witch was damn hilarious because of our own commentary! So according to Hilbo's dad Twilight Eclipse's main idea is that people are standing/sitting face-to-face really close and talking shit. I agree!
I can't believe there are actual Twilight fans.....

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Yesterday I was in a meeting with our arranger group for the new Game con!
Yes, I don't know how many of you have heard, but there will be a new con - 100% game themed and it will be held in 2014 winter in Helsinki! I am one of the main arrangers now, and now that we are opening an RY for this thing I will be a sparemember.It will be called "Suomen peliconit RY" as in "Finland gamecon RY".
Our meeting was held in Robert's Coffee and I couldn't resist the delicious strawberry smoothie while we were discussing about this RY stuff, went trough some legal papers, talked about the R-18 section, tickets, night party and where are we going to get the spaces for this event. Also we listed guite alot of sponsors we are going to contact.
Now our first mission is to get this RY registered and then go looking for the spaces for this con. Then sponsors and then we can start with the other shit. But now I'm in the design team~!

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Some long time ago I was shoeshopping in Kenkämarski to kinda see if they had anything suitable for my Claude cosplay! I don't know what's the future with my Claude cosplay now that I lost my Alois but if I find a new one I'm still inspired of doing it!
Anyways, I didn't find anything perfect but I got to try the heels! I was deciding between 19.1cm and 12cm and now I think I'm gonna be good with the 12! They totally look cool!!

I think I'm gonna need the shoes even without that cosplay! They could suit my kodona styling anyways!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I am currently in the process of keeping some cosplay break and focusing on my everyday clothes. I have a super cute boystyle schooluniform coord in my head, I just need the clothes. I also have a vision about what kinda hair I want next! Really reddish orange, I'm letting it grow and cut better bangs. I think it'll be cute!

Unf, I used to love my hair ;;A;;

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