So, I haven't even showed all my Christmas present over here yet! I've been really lazy, I know. But I've had tons of things to do at school and lots of cosplay stuff going on.. Phew, now I feel like I may have that extra hour to spend on updating my blog!

So yes, I've been buying and receiving lots of materia lately because of Christmas and the fact that I realized how much money I actually had left after my cosplay materials were all payed for. Let's take a look at what I've looted.

1. Lumene Natural Code makeup foundation (10. Vanilla). This might be the only foundation that is light enough for my skin. The coverage isn't too good but you can't always get everything you want.

2. Wet'n'Wild Silver nailpolish. I comfort shopped for some reason, I can't even remember what this was for. But it was cheap and looks kinda nice! Stays on better than I thought! I have a newly found love for gray/silver things so I kinda had to get it. I'm gonna use this on the new nails I'm doing today (pics later). 

3. Silver shampoo! Since I ran out of blue hairdye I thought like hey, why not let it fade a bit! I'm sick of blue shirts and blue bedsheets and blue hairbrushes. So I'm letting it fade away now - or more like just letting it be until I figure out what I want to do with it. The silver shampoo is gonna help keep it better/colder.

4. OLAY moisturizer. I've had this before and I love it because it has SPF 15. Plus it's one of the rare products that actually fit my skin.

I got this blouse as a Christmas present. I had ordered one that was completely different but for some reason they couldn't ship it to me, said there was something with th fabric. So I had to figure out a new one, and I gotta say, it's nothing like in the pictures. I wore it once and I don't think I'm gonna wear it again. It looks better in the pic than it does in real life.. I gotta say I'm disappointed.

But I did get a cute card with it!

These are maybe one of my favorite presents I got! Really pretty over-knee socks. I love them way too much, I'm almost scared of using them.

Awesome pantyhose. Loving these aswell!

For some reason I bought two bracelets from Morticia. They were "Buy one, get one free!" -kind of deal. I've destroyed the other one a bit so I can make it into a new jewel for my tophat, which I also butchered already.

Last Monday Sallamari decided to take me to Kakkugalleria for the All-you-can-eat. We decided to also take advantage of the situation and planned out some outfits and her Maid dress. You see, I've wanted a chocolate print ouji outfit for a really long time, so we've decided to make one ourselves - aka Sallamari will help me.

Small planning for the shape of the outfit. I don't think this is what we're gonna stick with till the end but it's more like a guideline.

Have my half eaten gross cakes. No really everything was god damn delicious!

Heheeeeey look at my new little friend! There was a dude selling plushies at Desucon Frosbite and since I had some cash I bought this little guy! Sallamari got the bigger one. My God he's so adorbs. I'm gonna start collecting these little guys.

And then to finish this all off have some selfies! I haven't really taken pictures of myself in a long long time..


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