So Innocent World has been having these pretty sweet sales and I realized my dream garment was on the "for sale" -list. And it was -50%!! So even tho I am currently not really swimming in money I kinda had to get it. And it arrived surprisingly fast!


Awesome brand plastic bag it came in.

Holy shit that looks good! I've actually been dreaming of some gray clothes to spark up my wardrobe a bit! 

I'll get better pictures someday when I can actually go outside.. And get a photographer! Finland is getting lighter and warmer I guess. So I can actually stay outside for more than 10 minutes withou crying my makeup off and turning red from the cold.

Plus I'm bad at taking pictures of myself.

Before I even ordered the damn thing I had drawn a picture of me and my pal Rin where I wore the salopette + my other actual clothes from my closet. Heh, funny! Tho I wish I always looked that cute and tiny.. Snyyyyy ;A; It's great being an imaginary anime.

Suddenly I'm going to introduce the world to my baby!

Her name is Maisa and she's an 4-year-old chihuahua girl. Legit my dogs are the light of my life - and I'm not even a dog person! I need to get a picture of my other beast as well.


  1. I really love your outfit! And your dog is so cute! :3

    1. Thank you so much~
      My dog thanks you as well ! !


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