Some time ago me and Ruispatonki finally tried out Bubble tea with milk! I think I'm addicted, actually. It tasted a bit like milkshake. Seriously if you have not tried yet you should, it was awesome!

Mine was Chocolate bubbletea with tapioca pearls and hers was Strawberry with peach pearls. The tapioca pearls feel kinda funny when you bite into them. Kinda dense and chewy and taste almost like nothing, but I really started to like them as I went on! *---*

Sometimes people ask what I eat. This is my typical breakfast. I'm totally hooked up on SodaStream Cola (actually drinking it now), since mom bought us another gas bottle for the machine. I may drink liters of it every day, tho I shouldn't. Also since it's winter I have to take alot of vitamins because my skin and body suffer from winter badly. I take multivitamins, D-vitamin drops and Evonia pills for hair growth. 

My mom is a vitamin freak and she showers me with pills every winter. On the summer she showers me with sunblock...

Today Ruispatonki actually managed to drag me out of the house again. It was just a normal hang around, I guess. Tho I did try to find some items I need for my cosplays! We were supposed to take some photos and such but that's what we always try. And that's what we always miss...

A warm and cozy moment for tea at The Ounce again. This time we had Irish Whiskey!

A little sneak peak of what I got in the mail this week. When my 2 final items arrive I'll be making a bigger Christmas present post. Also on Tumblr I got requested a peak into my closet. I just might do that! When I get time and light that is..

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