These past weeks I haven't much had time to sit around at home, I've been pretty much on the go for a while! Just few weeks ago I had the chance to visit my best with Hilbo, so we had a very tiny slumber party. No more from that, but do have some makeup pictures!

I finally decided to make my hair what I really honestly wanted it to be! Aka I began my journey towards dark blue hair! I've had it twice before but back then I didn't know what I know now and for obvious reasons it did not work. Now I have more time and I have a plan!

Yet ofcourse things didn't go like in movies..

Bought two packs of bleach and I thought that this should get rid of the last bits of red and I'd be ready for the silver hairdye. But no!!

This being the end result!

I actually think it looks rather cute, but so not what I wanted. Now I have to wait a few weeks before I bleach it again because of money and I need to let my hair rest for a while. It's in a terrible condition, I will have to clip down the ends to make it look healthier. Lets hope the next bleaching will get me close enough.. It's funny how my roots are like silvery white but the red/pink just won't leave me!

I look like a damn anime magical girl.  Like Madoka or something.

I went shopping with Sallamari. I was gathering all my hair supplies, plus makeup, tea and others. Also some small cosplay things if I remember correctly.

Ended up tea shopping once again! Last time we visited The Ounce Sallamari bought this tea, Liisa Peilimaassa (Alice in Mirrorworld) and she said it's really good. It smelled like heaven and I just had to get some for myself! I think it's damn delicious, but I've had better. I mean it has it's own unique taste to it, but I still think my chocolate tea is my favorite! If you have any good tea recommendations, please tell!

Bought a new powder and damn that took a million years because the container has changed. Also the name of my color has changed!

Here are my hair dyes! When I get my hair blonde enough I'm gonna use some Silver to get it to a cold color, a better base for the blue. Also I'm gonna use the Silver in my conditioner to fight the green undertone my blue hair always gets... I hope just one container is enough for my hair, it's getting kinda long and in the first bleaching I ran out!! It was damn horrible!

Some random shopping picture from when I went to town with Kiti. I bought stuff for my Tracon cosplay and also I haven't seen Kiti on a long long time. We just somehow click, you know.

Jack Steam is having a new faceup! Hilbo finally finished faceuping Heinz and I think that turned out really well, I was actually teeny bit jealous. So I decided that we need to personalize Jack a bit. I mean the faceup Varjostin made was beautiful, but it needed details. We used Varjostin's faceup as a base for it and Hilbo is already down to work. I will have lots of better pictures when the faceup is actually ready.

Uuummmh.. So I'm back to school again! Our school moved to Myllypuro because our school building had mold in it and it'll be out of use for few years. So now I have a really fucking huge school trip (almost and hour) and the place is ugly as fuck. Not to say crowded and messy too. Kinda scared on graduating there because there is no way a human can produce something pretty in there.

Our school yard is very beautiful and safe!

Class sealing. One of the first classes to have working computers in it. We are running out of classrooms because there really aren't that many and some are still under construction. Ps. There is no air ventilation!

Hella creepy fire exit. Our teacher made us use it once, just in case someone didn't know how to walk down stairs if fire emerged! Not cool, I was scared as fuck to climb down from the fifth floor on these!


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