There has been alot of talk about getting new clothes and sneak peaks of basicly everything. Twitter updates  about arriving parcels. Well now I finally have pictures of what I've bought with all my birthday money. And now that I look at all this I am pretty proud of myself, I spent my money well! Hope you like it all because I sure do.

1. Crown cardican (black&gold) by Bodyline. Cost 40$. I realized I don't have anything warm to go on top of my blouses or something to wear under a jacket. And since I'm not a hoodie person I kinda decided I need something like this. It's just so cute! Gold is not my color, but this doesn't come in silver so I may forgive myself.

2. Blouse (black) by Atelier BOZ. Bought as second.hand, cost 36€. This is my first ever brand ouji piece. So I love it very dearly plus I think it looks fabulous. It's a Japanese size S and I was told that it wouldn't probably fit me properly but I took the risk and it fits perfectly! Guess I'm smaller than we all think.

3. Blouse (black) by Bodyline. Cost 40$ One of the shirts I got along with Sallamari's order. It has little bows on the sleeves and I think it's a really cute shirt. Whenever I actually might get a lolita skirt or a jumperdress this is really something I'd wear with that!

4. Blouse with a long back (black) by Bodyline. Cost 40$. My second favorite purchase and most used at the moment. I really love that long back and the front ruffles. 

5. Suspender Miniskirt (black) by Hell Bunny, bought from Morticia. Cost 39€. I haven't owned a skirt in a long long time. It's been even longer since I've worn a skirt. So I think I really needed this one too! It's veeery short but I think it looks cool with torn stockings. If it were longer it would get boring. Besides I can wear black shorts under it. 

6. Pants (black) by Bodyline. Yet again something I didn't own before this. I didn't have any good shorter pants that wouldsuit my style, so I bought these! The material sadly picks up every dog hair etc there is but I really love them. It's an odd length but that makes me love them even more.

7. Top (black) by ????. This was a freebie from a friend who didn't need it. Said it was too girly. So I took it because ONCE AGAIN I didn't have anything summery or cooler to wear since it was hot. I kinda like it, it makes my boobs look huge and I look kinda skinny and girly in it. Not sure if I'd wear this out, but it's something nice to wear at home or at a friends place.

8. Puff sleeve blouse (black) by Bodyline. Cost 40$. Not my favorite shirt. I think it looked better on the website. It makes my shoulders look really broad and it doesn't suite me. But I think I'll grow on it and when I figure out what to wear with it it'll be good. No clothing with me goes un-worn.

1. Brooch from Backstreet. Cost 4€ (??). I had been checking out something similar from Bodyline but decided not to order quite yet. When I ran into this bad boy on a shopping trip with Tala I thought I just had to have it! Turns out I wear it quite alot and it brings a whole new look on my vests etc.

2. Ruffles + cameo piece by Bodyline. This came with last picture's number four. I use this quite alot too. My favorite ruffle and I do love my ruffles. The cameo piece is a really cool accessory even tho it's not reallt my color. I am being very forgiving nowadays I see.

3. Ruffles by Bodyline. Came with last picture's number eight. Still not in very big use since I like the other one better. This one isn't as fluffy as the other one, need some airing I guess.

4. Pink bowtie by Bodyline. Cost 4$. I really don't wear pink but it was so cute I thought what the heck, I might just give it a chance. And when I find the right kinda outfit this will be perfect. I like the kinda dusty pink color it has, not that sweet pastel pink. I also love the school uniform -kinda feeling it has.

5. Black bowtie by Bodyline. Came with last picture's number three. Attaches with a pin. I wear this quite alot with my BOZ I think they fit well together. I also love the size of this bow, bigger is better.

6. Blue bowtie by Bodyline. Cost 4$. The same deal as the pink one, this one is just more of my color. I really like it and I wear it with my not-so-showy outfits. Plus I'm really into this whole school uniform thing, I think they are cool and this bowtie will be perfect for that.

I actually went really photoshooting my new stuff with my best friend.

My makeup for the photoshoot. 

Whoa shit was windy! It was like impossible to photoshoot.

I finally actually took Hamlet with me somewhere. I really love my little "son".

These are my new shoes! What do you think? I bought them from SinisterSoles, the brand is Demonia, model TORMEN-804 (my second pair of Demonia shoes). They cost 109€ +some handling fees. The heel is about 14cm but they are very comfortable to walk with. I still need some practice but I thought it'd be alot harder! The round platform makes it easier.

Creme Brulée tea from The Ounce. I find myself more and more addicted to tea nowadays! It's just so delicious!

I bought some nail stuff too! I've been craving for long nails for a while and I decided to try something I've read about on Cupcake Couture's blog. Which is using tips! I bought some on eBay, they are actually very cheap and I bought some glue to go with it since I didn't have any at home. Nothing expensive or fancy, just some cheap glue. The glue happened to come in packs of 10 and the nails in packs of 500. Now I have something to work with for quite awhile!

The gluing was a bit difficult in the beginning but after few nails I got better. I cut them a bit shorter since they are very long, too long for my taste since I've loved with short nails for over 6 months. I filed them slightly leaner and rounded them for painting. Below rest the ending results. I sadly had to take them off quite quickly because of an eye contact fitting.

Tho it was very easy and it looked really good. I recommend people to try it. I actually might be selling some of the nails since there are 10 different sized (from 0 to 9) and not all of the sizes fit my nails.

I went out! Can you believe I went out again! This time it was with my classmates, it's really nice to hang around with them. They are the best! We spent a wonderful Friday evening at Kaivari and everybody esle drank except me. I actually didn't feel like drinking because my last time drinking turned out so bad. I think alcohol doesn't suite me and I actually don't want to drink. Never the less, I didn't even feel left out even if I was sober!

Group picture of me and my classmates (me, Toni, Emmi, Linda, Mara, Mikko)! Picture by Ville.

Fashion friend - me & Linda! I really love her style, plus she's such a bitch I love it. Look at those legs!!
Shoe jealousy! Gotta love her Litas!


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