This is a little sneak peak pick of what you will be seeing very soon! Aka lots of new clothes!! My first ever brans cloth has arrived home, as has my Bodyline order, too! I purchased this beautiful Atelier BOZ shirt from a Finnish auction website and I got it for a really good price. I don't mind it being used. It's fabulous and in perfect shape!

When my photographer person aka my best friend comes back from her camp thingy we are going to take pictures of my new clothes and probably after that I'll get some materials for a new header ---> new blog layout!

The less makeup -me. This is pretty much what I wear to school every day.

Pictures of beautiful night Helsinki. Or what I could see from my bust stop mostly... Had to take a picture of that raibow because there actually were two, I just had a hard time fitting them both in the same frame without any extras. Had a long night out with friends!

I actually stepped out of the house today, too! This is highly unusual for me. But it's a special week, it's Gay Pride week. Something I wouldn't miss for the whole world is the parade and that's where I went!! You know, most people wear colorful clothes and rainbows to those sort of events but I decided to go all black because that's who I am! They named my look "Son of Lucifer"

I'm so glad I've managed to keep my skin so white.

People think I'm a serious uptight blogger. Nope.avi

Me and my lovely classmate Mara! She was the sweetest to me today since I'm having a hard time with my emotions and I really need a relationship.. So I had a emotional breakdown at the end of the day and Mara just really supported me. She actually held my hand and that really ment alot to me since she is a very special and respected friend. She promiced I could call her if anything happened..

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