WHAT WE ALWAYS DO x 04022012

So, once again I ended up going to Kiasma with Smiletattoo and after that off to her place to  have a glorious sleepover! What more will I ever need?
Kiasma had this new show about music. It was pretty interesting but in a way I was disappointed because music is really my thing, I thought you could ger something a bit more expressive and beautiful about it.. So it was most of the time too weird and it felt like the artists tried too hard. It wasn't my thing. But we still got a chance to photoshoot in the Kiasma premices!

Shitty picture but this is just to show off my outfit.

Pictures of Kiasma. Both pictures are from the same hall, they are just taken from different floors!

My hair has a Grell wig - syndrome! I't so red that the camera just turns it into a reddish orange spot. Looks really photoshopped : /

This room I did like!

One last good outfit picture! Gonna be posting this to Lookbook.nu too! I'm finally gonna try and use that place too!

Then off to Smiletattoo's place to Vantaa. Had a pretty hilarious night even if Michaela was a bit sick and she left pretty soon. We were supposed to play LA NOIRE and photoshoot my Mello cosplay and do a lot of shit, but somehow we never got around doing tha stuff... Never the less I enjoyed it very much!

Nommm we had Chinese food.

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