CAMERAPHONE x 22022012

Curretly I am no a happy owner of a camera! This sucks a lot! So I have to take all my pictures wtiher with my friends camera or my cameraphone. My friends are not there always, tho usually! This means I have to rely on my cameraphone very very often with such as new hair color, makeup pics, pictures on school moring etc. I'm planning on getting a good camera with my birthday money which I hear is gonna be a slightly bigger amount of money. Then I could actually get better pictures of everything, it's like a dream of mine!
But for now you will have to be satisfied with what my Nokia has to offer - which is not that much.. I'm crying about the quality more that you are!

I cut my hair a bit and now I look like Madam Red! + !Quick outfit pic. Yeeees it's a good idea to wear shorts with this kinda weathers!

Random old pic from one of our parties! This was my last full day with my gorgeously long acrylic nails. R.I.P

One of the freshest pictures of me! On my way to school I am!

At my granpa's house! I visited him because he needed someone to do the funeral manual for next Friday's funerals. My Ganpas mom died.. Gonna be going to that funeral and I agreed to do the manuals!

With my makeup I tried to get some Lichi Hikari Club-ish style! I'm learning to wear lipstick!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Iron Sky on the Tour is getting closer and I am on a very nazi mood since IS is on the news and Facebook all the time + I run into Iron Sky trailers on my tumblr dash pretty often! I really can't wait for the movie!! For this reason I'm gonna post some trailers and mucis!


  1. ahhh! you're so beautiful! *____*
    love your hair color! ;]

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'ts even more brighter red at the moment~


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