REDHEAD x 28012012

Mmmmh, I'm gonna do a quick update on what's going on and then I'm gonna go photoshooting with SCRMR! So more pictures or a new update will come up later, maybe today already!

Sooo! Like I told you on New Year we bleached my hair and after that I've dyed it red twice with semi-permament hairdye. First one was Stargazer's UV Red from Cybershop and the second time I used Directions' Poppy Red from Back Street! I myself like Directions better, the color isn't as runny as Stargazer, the container is easier to use and the color stays on better! With Stargazer if I took a bath and leaned my head on the wall on the bathtub my hair would leave red spots everywhere. Also my pillow is red!

this is what my hair look like at the moment! Really happy with it!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I had to cut my nails. GUYS MY NAILS ARE SHORT! This had to happen because they were getting in a pretty bad shape and they were really hard to keep in good condition, and also my own nails started to hurt and my hands hurt and this is just so much better! Gonna let them rest now shorter and maybe later gonna start adding length. Ofc they are also growing!
Took a picture of my new nail deco with my work comp! The guality is shit but I think you get the idea. I did glitter gradiendts with 3 different glitter: silver, navy blue and blueish gray (close to Ciel's hair!) and they look pretty fab! I didn't use glue for the glitter, it dries waaay too fast. I put on a slight coating of white nailpolish (mine is very thin, so it just gives a lighter shade to it!) and then got the glitter on top of that. Sealed the whole deal with clear UV gel and cured that. I plan on keeping this design for quite a while since I love the design and with the UV gel it's not gonna get bad any time soon!

Also me derping at work!

x x x x x x x x x x x x

I'm gonna go photoshooting and sleepovering to SCRMR today! Hilppa and Michaela are ofc coming too! But before that we are gonna go check out the new show in Kiasma and also photoshoot a little bit. Not gonna wear a cosplay, just normal clothes and some pretty makeup~ you are gonna get better pics of my hair! And some outfit photoshooting, I'm almost done deciding what am I gonna wear! Trying to get inspiration from makeup tutorials and good music.

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