Hahahahaaa it's finally 2012, hope this will be a good one!

I had a small party with my friends, mostly playing games, watching The L Word and we did have some small drinks. And we had dogs! But before going to Michaela's house for the party I had a small photoshoot in town with Silva! I was too lazy to do my hair and I kinda love my wig sooo~ Also wore a lot of my new accessories, like my fishnet stockings and fox tail! Love my new foxy!! Oh yeah and I got new shoes from sales! Only 43€ and I loooove them!

Lovely photographers foot in the picture

Christmas lights in Kamppi. Pretty cool!

This was the speaker above the runway. Looks like smily face!

After Kamppi we went to Robert's Coffee to kill time and ofc have something to drink. We both got Roberts Mocha, but for some reason I didn't like my own - never been much of a coffee drinker. So I gave my cup to Silva and I think she got kinda hyper :''D that went well!

Well the chocolate and whipped cream on top were good!

After the photoshoots and all we went to Michaela's house and Hilbo also got there. At some point after a glass of champagne we bleached my hair! It turned out anime orange : B But that's not where it stayed, when I got home on sunday I dyed it pinkish orange and I loooove it!


  1. Me wants to see your pinkish orange haircolor~ o3o

    1. I'm getting pictures as soon as I'll get a camera : >

  2. I've never commented on your blog for some reason, but I do check it after events and sometimes just to see what's up.
    That photoshoot was really nice, and to think that I was sleeping soundly at the time you two were all adventureous around Kamppi.
    Points for catching me on camera as the mahti-hairstylist that I am.


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