I've had this blue hair for a while. And I do love blu so really much, but I am so fed up with dying it every time I wash my hair. And with this usage of hairspray that's pretty often!! And blue faids so really weidly first to light blue (not bad), then turquoise (hhmmm.....) then lime green (what the fuck..okay I like green!) and now it's this discusting mixture of lime-ish green and blonde, and this is so not nice!! Plus I have semi dark brown root hairing, to make it even worse. So on my god days I look like a lazy ernu, and on my bad days I look like I'm loosing my hair and fast!!!! Not the way I wanna look!
The easies sollution to this faiding: dye your hair more often, bitch!! But I really don't have the money for 2-times-every-fucking-week -blue!

So I've decided that maybe this is time for a nice round of bleaching to get rid of the dark brown and ge the blonde even lighter, and then switch color to green! I've always wanted to have darker green hair~! That would be interesting, I like green very much, and it's not that many who has green hair, and even less who can make it look good n_n so I'm gonna have a try with it!
And I thought that it would be interesting to spicen it up with an eyeraping pink! Green and pink should look terrible together, but think about how cool it would be in my hair! And the pink would be in really small amounts, mostly in the front, and no, I am not doing that jRock-attempiting-oshare-kei-shit, of taking a block of your bangs and dying this pink. Hell no, I don't even like that style! I'm gonna keep the green on top, and I have this longer posrtion on my hair, that is gonna get the pink on it!

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