I went out with my friends last week for Japan day 2013 and Art sale event. It was nice going out with all of them, eating well and dressing up nice.

Bubble tea is a mandatory stop on trips like these. I ended up tasting a new flavor, lychee and it was really good. I actually think it was Karu's first time tasting bubble tea! Sallamari's tea even matches her god damn outfit!

Karu likes Rilakkuma more than she likes us and her family all together. I see my future in this.

Daily homo. I'm still not a happy owner of a good white blouse so I had to use something very normal. Done with full black. Maybe that's the next thing on my to-buy list.

This is my cosplay group. Aka my girlfriend Cherry and best friend Rain. They are the two people closes and dearest to me and I spend almost all of my time with them. Okay, I see Rain more rarely because I have work, she's got school and I'm lazy. But we are the kinda friend who don't have to see to be friends. 

I'm with Cherry every weekend. We haven't been apart for a week straight since we started dating. She's tiny.

We thought it would be perfect to take pictures together since we don't really have pictures out of cosplay at all and this could be cool material for our cosplay blog/facebook. And it was cool dressing up for this~


  1. You're all such a cuties!! But what do you have in your neck, a scratch?

    1. I'm gonna bet all of my life that it's a lovebite

    2. thank you. and yes anon is right~

  2. All three of you look so cute! >w<
    A-And I'd be super happy if you'd share the link to your cosplay blog. *~*

    1. thank you~
      here you go --> http://karakuricosplay.blogspot.fi/


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