I haven't done anything worth blogging about in weeks. I just try to take mindless selfies when every I can but I really don't even wear makeup or wigs anymore since I got a job and that's taking my time. But hey soon I'll have money to buy clothes again and then I can blog about that! Yosh!

But for now you'll have to deal with my boring selfies, overly casual outfits and the two new studs on my face.

I would like to buy, own and wear more casual ouji-inspired outfits. Or more like shota or something. Become the anime. But since I have very little money, the little I get goes into cosplay or the really nice items, I don't have time and money for buying the more casual not as cool pieces. Maybe now that I have a steady stream of money I'll actually come around buying stuff without lace. NEVER LEAVING OUJI, THO.

And for some reason that Darth Vader sweater is my favorite thing ever. Had it for years, still cool.

Like I mentioned there are new things on my face. Yes I finally got myself pierced!

So, what do you think?

The middle one looked so crooked with the longer stud but I looks lots better with the current one plus ain't nobody's face really symmetrical. I'm really happy with my new children. I plan on buying a bigged silver ball for the middle one and leaving the right side as it is.

What a vague update..


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