So lately there has been alot of stuff going on and I haven't had the time to tell about them properly yet! I haven't really ad blogging time since all my new life changes are taking my time, plus I spent a good time in bed being sick ;A;

Got a job! Yes I believe I've mentioned it quite a few times, at least on Tumblr and Twitter. So I am a Butler now! I work at Manga Café in Helsinki (everybody come see me) and I work every few weeks. You will get information on the Butler and Maid Nights on Manga Café Facebook page! I've now finished my Butler outfit and I've already worked once. It was kinda scary because it was the first time but I know I'm going to get more comfortable with everything the more I work.

Tokyo Otaku Mode interviewed us! We are the first Butler/Maid café around and they had alot of questions about how we were doing. Also they were really interested in me because I'm the only girl working in there - and I'm a girl Butler! It was super cool!

Interview [1/2] [2/2]

Got a cute bag from Sallamari! I've been in the need of a small bag to go with my outfits and just really something that'll fit my most important items. Maybe I'll take you on a tour around my bag one day.

I don't know why I draw blue lines on my face, don't ask me.

Shirt: Bodyline
Vest: Second hand
Pants: Bodyline
Shoes: Demonia

I got a really rare outfit photo taken of me! I'm applying to become the first Miss Gay Finland, and this whole project is 99.9% "For shits and giggles". S I had to take a full body picture taken and if I'm gonna be posting pictures I might as well look good while doing so. Plus now that it's warm outside I can start carrying my camera around more often and I can wear nicer clothes~!

There is something - or more like someone I haven't told you about. You see, I started dating a few weeks ago! Yay, I haven't been in a relationship for almost 2 years, and even that one was a long distance relationship. So it feels good to be in a relationship again. And it's going good I could say.

There she is. You can call her Mixu.

Qutie slushie.


  1. Ihan mahtava asu ja ihanat nuo bodylinen pantsut! :) (uusi lukija rohkaistuu kommentoimaan ensimmäistä kertaa ^_^;)

    1. Kiitos~
      Haha, aina uskaltaa tulla kommentoimaan, en tuomitse koskaaaan!

  2. Hiemanko mahtava työpaikka sulla! Täytyy yrittää bongata sut jos satun seuraavan kerran Helsingissä käydessäni Mangakahvilaan.. :3

    1. Tervetuloa sinne kuikuilemaan mun Butlerointeja~

  3. Olet kyllä porukan komein butleri! :3

  4. Your shoes are AWESOME :cccc<3 I love it your outfit~



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