MATERIALISM x 10062011

I haven't seriously bought aaaany new clothes in a long time! So I just had to do some online shopping!! This beautiful shirt was found from eBay, coming from Japan and it coasted 33.90$ so definetly not bad!!

I also finally bought my lovely hair extensions, dark brown and they were 8 pieces, Clip in, 15" long~
I hope they are fantastic when the arrive <3

Some of my nail decorations have started arriving home! Post brought me y 3D roses (12 different colours, 120 pieces) I hope I can start using 'em soon!

I will post pictures when I get more stuff home <3

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  1. Hello! I've been to your tumblr and deviantart, and I must say I love your style (not seen to much of it, but still) I have considered getting this blouse several times before actually, so I hope you can tell me how you find it!


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